This happens only in India – Stills

This happens only in India
Watch TV Programmes at any cost. No matter whether flooding or drainage leakage inside house.

These pictures go a long way in showing why India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. Things which would be unimaginable anywhere else are routine matter here. How we deal with this is an amazing aspect of being Indian.

This happens only in India
Romance under Umbrella

This happens only in India
Who is Connected to who!!! Where is the fault in this connection.
This happens only in India
Wow!! Pipe Riding

This happens only in India
Pole inside Rail line


  1. Anonymous

    hahahha… ippadi iruntha than india… athuvum antha second image super than po…onnum sollrathuku illa…intha mathiri ellam yarumae think panna mudiyathu…namma indians ala mattum than think panna mudiyum… appo kuda indian culture ha follow panranga ya…. hahahha…. okie ippo list innoru romance include ayiduchu…Indian Umberalla Romance.. itha naan kandippa france la introduce pannidran…… hahaha lol 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Ha Ha Ha ..LOL..

    Even the foreign countries need to beg ..Our way of love making that too public but hiding faces..


  3. Brandy

    This is JOKES!! haha
    pole seems real on the railway – you can see the shadows..unless its photoshopped but seems real..haha made my day!!

  4. Anonymous

    india?? indian??, these things happen in the whole indian sub-continent. Personally i'd like to call myself a Tamil.

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