Tamil Stars Calendar 2011 Stills

Stars Calendar 2011 Stills
Stars Calendar 2011 Stills

Check out Tamil actors Calendar 2011 Wall Papers..

Don’t miss to catch out Surya, Vikram, Simbu, Karthi, Arya, Nagarjuna, Trisha, Tamannah,Genelia and Shriya with stunning looks.

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  1. Vasin

    Surya nalla thaane irkan. Ethuku ivlau periya heels poatu look’a kedukaran? Another hard coded Thamil mind. Poor example.

  2. KK

    who are the girls in still no 23,24, 29

    or who are the female stars in this photo shoot, trisha is in new look. who are others?

  3. fdsft

    cool, the cameraman is a god of view. gosh!! you guys seen trisha standing next to her calender still. she looks just normal but in calender she look woah! just the same surya.

    its all EFFECTS!! and this photographers creations.


  4. fdsft

    hahaha!! ur comment made my day!! lol i have been laughing since i read this, lol yeah!! he is fine but why needed a heels for him in solo still?? as if he pose a coupple pose!!

  5. Vasin

    Athukaga mattum illa. Good looks’ku theva agility, youthful well proportioned & well filled body with average girder & hight (no dwarf) and a nice face. Suriya has it all. He is very handsome guy. West on many occassions referred to Sachin as handsome. Sachin is well proportioned, agile with a youthful face. 

  6. awsome

    true, vickram ethuku potanga?? they could have put vinay instead of old vickram. plus tat nayantra sucks she should rather be bussy with karadee (prabhu)’s undies. hehehe

  7. awsome

    Suriya is the one whos adding colour to that group. he looks so stylish!! they should opt out that nayanthara and vickram

  8. ridda

    arya!!!!!! i think nagarjuna doesn’t fit in this photo shoot…tooo old….even though i dislike nayanthara…i like her pictures….and vikram is not that bad….just nagarjuna does not fit in!!!! cause everyone else has young cool look….espcially ARYAAAAAA i love aryaaaa<3

  9. usha

    ya why they included nagarjuna? maybe they want to market in andhra pradesh too.. but couls have chosen allu arjun or ram charan or rana daggubati.. and any1 knows where i can get the calendars? oh i love surya and arya.. :*

  10. Vasin

    30th still’a paarunga; Naagarjuna’ku veruppethikittu irkeenga; Avan paarva scary’a irku; Onga ellarkum veveharam aahapohuthunu nenekren.

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