Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu Stills and Video

Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu Stills and Video
The first World Classical Tamil Conference (Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu – June 23rd to 27th, 2010) got off to a rousing start here on Wednesday with a host of speakers, led by President Pratibha Devisingh Patil, hailing the glory of Tamil, which has the oldest literature among the living languages of the world.

Tamil Nadu Governor Surjit Singh Barnala, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

People from different countries are attending the conference, and Tamil associations of the US,Srilanka,Singapore,Canada, Switzerland and Malaysia have sent their representatives to the event.

Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu Video Telecasted on kalaignar TV on 23-06-10

World Classical Tamil Conference

It is an opportunity for one and all to learn and exhibit their knowledge of the language and see for themselves the various forms that the language has taken from time immemorial.

The theme song for this World Classical Tamil Meet has been composed by A R Rahman and directed by Gautham Menon. This has been written by the Chief Minister of TN, Mr. Karunanidhi and sung by a lot of well known singers.
The Video of this song can be viewed in this link (Click to view)

As to what is going to happen in this conference – Around 1500 language experts would be presenting papers/ essays related to various aspects of the language. Numerous Patti Manrams/ Karuttarangugal would be organized (Debate sessions) to discuss the richness of the language and also the challenges facing the development of the language in this modern era. Cultural programmes like dramas, songs, folk arts, dances etc would also be organized. All the programmes are expected to be covered extensively by the media.

World Classical Tamil Conference

Inaugurating the five-day conference, the President said many concepts intrinsic to India’s society and critical to its polity were found in Tamil discourse over the millennia. The message of peace, universality and the spirit of equality were propounded in a Sangam poem more than 2000 years ago.

World Classical Tamil Conference

There was an oorvalam – procession (rally) titled ‘Iniyavai Narpadhu’ as a part of the Semmozhi Maanadu event in Coimbatore through Avinashi Road. The below photos published were clicked from there.

World Classical Tamil Conference
World Classical Tamil Conference
World Classical Tamil Conference
World Classical Tamil Conference
World Classical Tamil Conference

World Classical Tamil Conference

Governor Surjit Singh Barnala, who handed over the first copy of the conference souvenir to Ms. Patil, said While Thirukkural was the ‘crown’ of Tamil language and Sangam literature, Kamba Ramayanam and Silapathikarm were the jewels of Tamil language, adding that they bore testimony that Tamil language has a special claim for being a classical language.



  1. Anonymous

    Is someone going to raise their objection to TN CM for changing the Tamizh Newyear from 15th of April to 14th of Jan ?? If they do not ask as why there was a ''NEED'' to change the Tamil Newyear..then there is no meaning to this maanadu! Tamizh vaarum, Tamizh Maasam, Tamizh varusham are equally important like ''Tamizh Language!

  2. Anonymous

    @3rd anonymous
    please check the origin story of the 60 so called tamil months that were in use till date.such obscene and illogical story and all 60 sanskrit named months is not original to thamizh.
    As we were not sure on ancient tamil calendar, the best guess option was to make pongal the new year.
    it was result of a movement started almost a 100 years back by tamil scholars as apart of the "pure tamil movement".
    It may not be exactly right to make pongal the new year, but it is definitely not logical to follow the 60 months with such a story behind it with all sanskrit names which has no link to thamizh heritage!!!

  3. Anonymous

    @ Above Anonymous,

    From where did you get that story from ?? LOL! You have no clue what you wrote or you're simply confused! If Tamizh Muni Agasthiyar was alive among us he would cry his heart out! You have completely missed the math part behind celebrating tamizh newyear and instead added conveniently blamed it on sanskrit! How convenient it is, uh?! The way you talk is like the TN CM who is a self proclaimed atheist and does not think twice before mocking hindu practices. but, promptly shows up at Ifthihar parties and Christmas parties to praise the lord! For a person who has no regards for Tamizh kaduval or its practices is talking about Tamizh mozhi! And people are justifying his acts…

  4. priya sidharath

    "vaazhga tamil valarga bharadham"
    very nice……..and tnks for kolly teams….
    for showing this tamil holy………..good job

  5. Anonymous

    as far as changing the tamil new year, all was done is to change the reference point from one to another.it is like saying april 1 is the new new year!nothing is going to change for the panchankams which is anyway based on 60 year cycles unless the gregorian calendar where time is not cyclic!
    so the math behind these years remain unaffected.its only choosing which day is important to be celebrated as new year! for tamils or anyone in india, it is a great harvest season , a time of festival and marriages.whats so wrong in that being called the new year occasion?! chithirai will continue to start in april 14! though chithirai and thai remains as it is, all they are doing is to consider thai 1 as new year and not chitirai 1 by people in tamilnadu! as such even the chithirai and thai etc is not accurate beacuse of the equinoxes! There exists a obscene story for the origin of the 60 months.I leave it to interest of the readers to find it themselves!

  6. Anonymous

    Yes Math is unaffected sollitaru Ramanujar !! Edho wikipedia la paathu thappu thappa puruchu kitta enga vandhu reproduce pandraanga!

    This is most hilarious thing …. People of Pondicherry and the rest of Tamil Makkal in other parts of the world celebrate Tamil New Year on April 14th, while the DMK makkal follow new year on 14th Feb… Politics interfering in religious matters hmm… after all he made fun of Lord Narayana ….i wonder if he has the guts to make March 25th has cristmas day or a random month for ramadan ??

    periya thilla langadiya irukaaru!

  7. Anonymous

    The anonymous above speaks as if Ramanujar LOL!.if the points had to be refuted, counter arguments and facts must be laid out against it.Wikipedia paathu athappu purunchu kitta! – on what basis did such a conclusion was arrived at!
    all was said is chithirai will be chithirai,thai will be thai watever is being changed.so there is no concern of maths or science behind these months as per a calendar here.the calendar remains as is.Agreed that religious matters should not be interferred with by politics
    why would a government of tamilnadu worry about when christmas should be celebrated!Same way they can tell when Diwali should be celebrated.
    but when it comes to a new year day common to all tamils then the goverment of tamilnadu is intesrested there. if april 14th is new year of a particulat religion so it be and thhey will continue to celebrate it.But common to all tamils , tamil scholars and goverment thought it is better off with Thai rather than Chithirai.
    If people accept the change it will be effective.else if some tamil people want to stay on view that april 14th must be new year, then they have the right to have their view.We cant and dont expect everyone to subscribe to all our views.

  8. Anonymous

    Tamil New Year is not a secular fesitival. Lord Murga is Tamil Kadavul. All Tamil makkal were once Hindus, for some reason or the other they got converted to christianity, Islam, ayya valzhi and to other religions . The moment they got converted they no longer care for the rituals that is carried out during Tamil New Year day or the significance behind celebrating it. The only thing that is common in them is the Tamil language and nothing else. There is a Hindu Tamil Story as why this day is made as Tamil New Year, and that is exactly why most of the north Indians do not celebrate this day as their new year and so are Kannadigas and Telugu people. Govt. Should stop interfering in religious matters. By changing Tamil New Year is hurting Majority Hindus!

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