Surya Launches Aircel 3G Stills

The fifth largest telecom service provider, Aircel launched the First 3G Experience Zone in Chennai today which will enable consumers to get a first hand feel of third generation 3G mobile telephony service and its advantage.

Actor Surya, the Aircel brand ambassador for South India  made the first 3G video call to Aircel COO Gurdeep Singh at the Aircel experience zone.

Surya Aircel 3G Lanch Stills 1
Surya Airtel 3G Lanch Stills 1
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 2
Surya launches Airtel 3G Stills 2
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 3
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 3
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 4
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 4
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 5
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 5
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 6
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 6
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 7
Surya launches Aircel 3G Stills 7


  1. ^shree^

    hi admin, plz look at it.. the title says airtel instead of aircell.. try to make a change for tat…  😛

  2. vasin

    ivaru periya ayal naatu janadhibadhi.. mathavangala pathi solla vandhutaaru.. unaku niraya vela irundha poyi paaru.. apram yen idha paakura.. vetti nayee

  3. Ajith

    first photo layae therinjiduchu intha poramboku palla kooda velekama thaan vanthuyirukanau baadu paiyaan. sootha kooda kaluvunanoe illayoe yaruku theriyum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. S.Ramanathan

    Look at his teeth, he has diamonds fixed in it. Like Thanga Pal now it is fashion to have vaira pal

  5. sandy

    Ada un munjile  naayi suthe vechi thekka, ni yella  promote panna pavam vikradhu kuda  vikkadhu da deee,  ada   summa  scene ah  podadhinga  ,  poyi  andha  sattai ye  maathu yedho  gumastha madhiri irukku, apro  indha  ponnunga yella romba  valiyiranga  unna patha,  adhe vechi ni romba nalla  irukke nu nenachidadhe   ni  oru  porambokku pannade

  6. sweety

    ya, mudalla unda munchaiya kanadiyila pathithu pendu vandu kadai than, unaku sariyana puramai… athan ipadi ellam kadaikira…

  7. Awsome

    dei nee time spend panni ellaroda comments kum reply panuveya, not bad we all have audience then, plus one more question are you that vasin?

  8. Vasin's Student

    Why does Surya wear heels like woman, beard and denim like dirty cowboys and formal Indian jacket? He is young, fit and good looking. Pretty girls would like to have him. Handsome boys would accept him in their cliques.  He unnecessasrily worries about height and makes a mess of his appearance.

    Height’u Height’u nukittu. Namba Chennai karangaluku paithyom.

  9. vasin

    neenga yenna manish malhotra va.. dressing pathi pesa vandhuta.. moodu vaaya.. neelaam kandipa oc la dhaanada dress pannuva..andha maadhiri pannadainga dhaan ipdilaam pesum..

  10. Awsome

    hahaha proof!! het surya look at 1st image of actor suriya he has somehting in his teeth if u presist to say its gold or diamon then say its a piece of mutton then

  11. anonymous

    Vasin’s Student and all other fellow… you know what… There is really lot of negative energy around because of you…. this is not good for you guys and also for other public….
    Your words are so provocative …. its making every body to talk filthy….You guys are causing public nuisance..
    i really feel sorry for you all
    Get well soon…
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    Please beware…

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