Stars pay final respects to Murali Stills and Videos

Murali born on 19th May 1964.And the news of  the stars death this morning at the age of 46 was really shocking.It was difficult to believe at first for many. Was it the same Murali who acted in Idhayam, Vettrikodi Kattu and several other lovely films all these years? This dark charmer was a romantic hero with no action image, a simple person with millions of fans. His death is a great loss for Southern film industry.

Film fraternities paid final respects to the departed soul  at his Valasarawakkam house.As a mourning gesture, all activities pertaining to shooting and other events related to Tamil cinema will be suspended tomorrow.

Murali may no longer be amidst us, but for all those who have known him as the simple actor who has always been the ‘young man’, he will be remembered affectionately as the evergreen college-goer of Tamil cinema

Stars pay final respects to Murali StillsStars pay final respects to Murali  Video



  1. M.Ramanathan

    Friend, may God put his compassion in your heart that you'll be moved with compassion when others are grieving.

  2. Ind

    🙁  Such a great personality. Very humble person. Baana Kaathadi – Murali's last movie and his Sons first one.
    God Bless his family. 

  3. ajith fan

    yes finally he died

    r u guys dumb some guy is actually want vijay to get a bad name so he said vijay fan u idiots

    like what i am doing using ajith name so stop talking about vijay he is a apavi

    so all idiots shut up and use ur brain

  4. sanzzzz

    i am crying……………  wat a aactor  when i sawed his photos in my eyes tears came …………………….

  5. one of murali fan

    Really shocking news to meeeeeee……… tamil cinema wont forget u forever………condolence to his family…..

  6. hiy

    <span>u all stupids guys  
    nee yara vena irunthutu po  
    aana oruthar iranthathuku ippadi solriye nee manushane illa</span>
    unna enna venunnalum solli thittalam da pavi

  7. jas

    <span>hey Ajith fan 1st u has to use ur brain idiot    
    this is not a place to show ur smartness stupid  </span> >:o

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