Stars at Raj TV MDs Son-Wedding Reception Stills

Stars at Raj TV Family Wedding Reception Stills
Stars at Raj TV Family Wedding Reception Stills

Raj TV Network is one of the popular Tamil satellite television network and is based in Chennai, India.

R Nachiyappan, son of Mr Rajendran, the managing director of Raj network, got married with Deepa Amar, who is the daughter of  S Amar and Laly Amar on 12th December 2010 at Laly Mahal, Yelahanka in Bangalore.

A grand reception was arranged for on 19th December, at Mayor Ramanathan Chettiyar Center, Chennai.

Many political VIPs including Deputy CM M K Stalin, MP Napolean, Ministers Dhayanidhi Maran, Kanimozhi, Poongothai Aruna, and many of the members of the film fraternity including director K Balachander, actors Parthiban, Sundar C, Kushboo, M S Vishwanathan, Ramesh Kanna, Srikanth, Alex, Devayani and others attedented to greet the couple.

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  1. Vasin

    Athepdi namba oorla girls and woman eppavum alaga irkanga aana boys and men apdi illa. Boys olliya oyarama all hand and legs’a fit illama irkanga, moonjiya fashion’nu solli thaadi vechukaranga, trim’a dress panrathilla. Men’a pathi sollave venam; thoppa, sotta, stupid meesa, periya aambala or king mathri paarva.

    Onmayia Thamil aambalanga naanga romba lucky. Asingam irnthukittu alagana namba girls’a vechukittu irkom.

  2. Vasin

    Genrel’a sonnen. Mela photos’la Srikant looks stylish. Maapleyoda hair avlau nalla illa aana he looks ok.

  3. Vasin

    Hey you are spot on but I mean generally we are not well made up. Just look at our local assembly. The MLA’s look horrible. Even the Sri Lankan MP’s look much better. 

  4. anonymous

    parthiban has tat only gift is it ? for every marriage he brings the same kind of gift.. adha thorandhu vechu explain vera panna vendiyadhu 

  5. I like Your Comment

    Yep, you r absouletly correct. I have been watching him, he always gives similar kind of gifts and he explains that on stage…)

    Bride looks like the groom’s sister. See his mustache and didnt even cut his hair properly. I tell you , if he goes to attend any interview he wont get a job, gods grace his father has saved money for the family..

  6. Vasin

    But some guys look like this even when they hit 27. They are cool and don’t get agitated. That girl too may be around that age but she has already put on weight.

  7. anonymous

    yesterday saw ” nambha veetu kalyanam “( subbu marriage ) . apo kooda parthiban has the same gift..subbu ku marriage aagi atleast 5 yrs irukum ..  ada pavi.,… 5 yrs ah ve adhu dhan thandhuttu irukaru manushan.. … 

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