Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Stills

Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Stills

Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Stills
Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Stills

Banner: Sri Saibaba Movies
Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Nayanthara, Roja, and KR Vijaya
Direction: Bapu
Production: Yalamanchili Saibabu
Music: Ilayaraja

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  1. Smile

    Looks like Roja is portraying Bhumi Devi(Sita’s mother).Why is she holding a trident then?Bhumi devi does not have that….But I admit Nayan looks gorgeous in these stills.Especially the red sindoor on her forehead makes her face even brighter…..I want the movie!!!!

  2. mekina

    i think Sana is talking about the one on Sun TV..the hindi version..and why is the guy playing RAMA not hot? isnt he suppose to be super hot? he’s just fat…and I agree with SANA..the characters from the ramayanm serial were sooo much were their costumes

  3. Smile

    @mekina…..Yup I agree with Sana too.Ramayanam serial has better looking artists.Rama has to be divine,always sporting a smile,a calm face,masculine yet without any six packs.(that would make him look like a Greek god)The guy who played Ram in the tv serial is Gurmeet singh.The Sita is Debina bannerji.They both are a couple in real life as well.Personally I feel he didn’t suit Ram character but of course he is anytime better than this Rama(balakrishna).My best pick for Ram character is Arun govil.He lived as Ram.No one can match him.Anyways,i am looking forward for this film.

  4. Sam

    Yoy can spend crores and crores of money but for a movie like this you always need new face, with a good body (especially Ram) and everyone. With artists like these we wont get the feel of the movie….for example when I see this movie where sita is waiting for ram to rescue her….I would be imagining Prabhudeva to come. For people who have seen Balakrishna movies will find it hard to accept him as Ram since this movie is more about Ram, Sita and Co than heros and herions.

    Well, atleast thats my openion. 

    Lets hope Balakrishna will not insist on couple of fight and song scenes inbetween…. 😉 .

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