Sonia Agarwal Stills from Oru Nadigayin Vakku Moolam


After essaying a supporting role in the multi-starrer Vaanam, following which she is playing as lead in Oru Nadigayin Vakku Moolam.

Banner     :     Seven Sun Movie & S S A Movie
Cast     :     Sonia Agarwal, Ganja Karuppu, Rajkapoor
Direction     :     Rajkrishna
Production :     K Prashanth
Music     :     Aadhish

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  1. Smile

    Way to go Sonia!She’s getting back in shape.I hope she proves her mettle this time round.Vendanu solli odhikivechavanga moonjile kariya poosanum….

  2. Smile

    @mark & kh.Pasamum illai vakkalathum illai.This is girl power!Evan vendanu odhukunano,avan munnadi sadhichu katradhu.I admire women who are brave.Even if it was another lady,i would have said the same.So shut….

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  4. kh

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