Sneha Launches Dabur Aamla Taala Stills

Sneha Launches Dabur Aamla Taala
Sneha Launches Dabur Aamla Taala

Sneha, the brand ambassador of Dabur Amla Hair Oil, launched Dabur Aamla Taala oil at Hyderabad Central.

“I am very excited to represent a highly trusted brand like Dabur Amla Taala Hair Oil, a brand that I have personally been using for years now. I have been a firm believer in the goodness of the magical fruit Nelli and now it is proven with consumer research that Dabur Amla Taala Hair Oil gives visibly blacker hair compared to ordinary coconut hair oil. I am delighted to be a part of this record breaking feat of non-stop massage session and also enthused by the great response from the audience. The fact that my beloved city of Chennai is playing host to this achievement has, in fact, doubled my joy,” Sneha said.

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