Sneha at the Maayajal Stills

Sneha was at the Maayajal to watch Resident Evil, Click on the Photo to view in  high quality



  1. Usha

    why is her top so short? bad dressing sense! i thought she always dressed up well.. esp in sarees she looks great..

  2. Usha

    <span>why is her top so short? bad dressing sense! i thought she always dressed up well.. esp in sarees she looks great..</span>

  3. nuts

    she tried something but didnt work well!! i have seen some people dress up like this but the top should have been more like kurtha style but black not white should be a longer.

  4. MK

    She must  have worn her tshirt out and why did she wear all those bangles, and orange dupatta and yuck yellow nailplish. Is she ramrajan's sister????????

  5. anonymous

    "mokka dressing sense award" for the yrs 2001 – 2010 goes to sneha …..
    in advance she is given for 2011 also….
    varalena vittudanum.. yedhu varudho , yedhu avangaluku nalla irukumo adha matum try pannanum..
    this style absolutely doesnt suit her …

  6. drake

    she just dress the same the way another slut dressed in patong. Sawadeeka…….tops 110 bhat and trouseers 250 bhat..boom boom 2500 bhat short time. that is sneha thats all she worth for..  Be aware she wish to do a shoot in bkk that is the fixed rate for falang….. stay UAE ok…… and look fortune in dhirams

  7. AAA

    She lags in many things.. The 1st thing s she s too short, for that she shud wear heels.2nd thing she shud be gud in giving presentation / giving watever be the dress if u stands in a gud way means tat would also be the style. in tat way also she sucks..she stands like in a bus stop(seems like waiting for the bus).. this s not included in the casual pose too..

  8. correctu

    even it is white, her pants wont allow to be pretty.. i think she is tryin to introduce retro.. aanaa comedy piece aaiduchu..

  9. correctu

    sachin padam recent eh paathrukum pola.. adhunaala thaan athukku pudicha maari dress panni mokka vaankiruchu.. the worst dressin i wud say..

  10. correctu

    copper T eh innum eduthicho?? illayo!!!?? – sorry guys if i made a very bad statement bout ur punnagai arisi// therinchadha sonnen, AvLo Thaan.. 

  11. gyanam suniyam speaking

    enna sollu aluvadho ….
    ponnu daddy,s pant ,servantmaids bangles and bothers Tshirt suttu pottukitu 
    avasarama coming timela put her fingures into hot sambhar…
    bcoz of that tension pose seriya kudaka mudiyala …
    podum pose kuduthadu …vithuku ozhunga poi seru vazhiley naayee keeyee kadichida pookuthu……….
    sampo magatheva!!!!

  12. lol

    LOL hey did u notice her nail color in the second and the third pic? funny! but her face cut is cute though..smiling face!

  13. asdf

    now what the hell is SHE wearing? shreya, sneha..who's next?

    sneha looks SOOOOO good in churidars and sarees…u only wear something that doesn't look good on ya when it's a MUST…(like the weather or something) otherwise, if indian style works best for u, u should use that, especially when u have money…like geez, is she that poor

  14. hilarious

    well i agree that her clothes look a little ODD to be wearing outside but shes out to watch a movie…and you know…its not like you want her to wear makeup and dress properly even at home do you?

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