Sarathkumar turns 56 birthday stills talks about Asin

Sarathkumar turns 56 birthday stills

Sarathkumar turns 56 today(July 14 2010) and the supreme stars fans and party workers are planning to celebrate the day in a big way, Sarath Kumar, the Nadigar Sangam president and All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi founder, who is celebrating his birthday today, said he would continue his service for the society in one way or the other.

I started a political outfit three years ago only to serve the people. My dreams are big and I believe that nothing is impossible,” the actor-politician said in his birthday message.

Saying he could not be written off from both films and politics, Sarath added, “Because I do it with passion whatever I do. In fact, it is my willpower that keeps me going all these years. This is the secret of my fitness and youthfulness.”

On his forthcoming films, he said, “Besides some promising Malayalam movies and a Kannada film, I am doing ‘Vidiyal’ and a yet to be titled film to be directed by A Venkatesh in Tamil. I feel more multistarrers should come in Kollywood

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About Asin issues, “Whether Asin will be banned or not will be decided only after I hold talks with the joint action committee of the Tamil film industry and put forth my views,” he says.

We do respect Tamil sentiments and our heart goes out to Tamils all over the world. But my point is that, artists are entertainers, today we are at a stage where Indian artistes and technicians are receiving worldwide recognition, so banning them should not come under any type of governance due to any reason. Each case should be judged in a specific manner. I suggest that a proper future directive should be formulated about this issue. Even Asin’s situation will be dealt with subjectively

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  1. Anonymous

    don't beat around the bush…. just ban her Sarathkumar. This is not any case… this is about going to Srilanka where thousands of Tamilians were killed and tortured.

  2. Anonymous

    Can someone tell me the problem with Asin I still can't understand what is wrong with her please someone tell me what she done ?

  3. Anonymous

    Well the issue started when with the so called "IIFA" changing the venue of the host country (form Korea or Vietnam, not sure) to Colombo amidst allegations of war crimes against the nation (Word is out that it was possibly endorsed by indian Gov). SIFAA (A Tamil film union)along with other unions called for boycott and said it will ban everyone who took part in "IIFA". Salman(Brand ambassador of IIFA) openly challenged this decision. Salma's next movie was to be shot in Maldives and he changed this location to Sri Lanka on the request of the srilankan president. asin is the part of the movie and took part in the film despite of warnings from Tamil Film Industry. She even stayed there after the shooting crew had left srilanka and visted the war area with the srilankan president's wife (Again an initiative by the indian goverment).

    Bottom line: asin having her career roots in Tamil film Industry helped the srilankan government (alleged of war crimes and genocide on Tamils) in an effort to portray srilanka as a peace haven.

    Hope I was clear.


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