Sagunis Telugu Trailer Launch Stills

Sauguni Telugu Launch

Karthi’s forthcoming flick ‘Saguni‘ will see a release in Telugu as ‘Sakuni‘. It is said that both the Tamil and Telugu dubbed version will be released simultaneously, and as a prelude to this the logo and the trailer were launched for ‘Sakuni’ in Hyderabad in a grand affair on 2nd Sep 2011. Karthi, heroine Pranitha and others attended the event.

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  1. S M

    Saravanan Palanichamy Gounder and Karthi Palanichamy Gounder are really turnout to be a great businessmen nowadays. They know how to market their films by promoting their films in other languages. By doing this they are earning more money compared to others…

    I have to mention one thing here, Karthi Palanichamy Gounder is born and brought up in city (chennai), but in his first film he acted beautifully as a careless village rowdy. It shows his potentiality…

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