SA Chandrasekhar meets the press for TFPC election Stills

SA Chandrasekhar Press Meet
SA Chandrasekhar Press Meet

Directors S A Chandrasekhar and Keyar are contesting for the post of President in the upcoming election for the Tamil Film Producers Council that is scheduled to be held on October 9. SA Chandrasekhar met with the press on 7th Oct 2011 regarding the TFPC election.

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  1. vengayam

    Father and son plan to make us fools! imagine Vijay as CM of TN! OMG!! we people need to learn atleast b4 d next elections.. dont elect another Karunanidhi, dont elect another jayalalitha! There are many who are talented, educated and good people who can lead us.. pls identify them! No more film personalities!! we are not fools anymore!

  2. Dinakaran

    Indha poramboku yellam electiona pathy press meet vekaranam.. Namma Tamilnatoda thaliyeluthu appadi irukku… Evan appa magana nennacha… vadivelu comedy… “Na jailluku pooren jailukku pooren..” than nayabagam varuthu…

  3. abcd

    I heard from one of my friends that the cause of rift between ajith vs. vijay/prashanth in early days was because of this guy and prashanth’s dad thyagarajan. They tried to ruin ajith’s movie career to improve vijay’s and prashanth’s and ajith had lot of problems because he dint have any one to back him up. I dont know if its true but I just thought of sharing here.

    But today due to his tenacity thala has reached an unbelivable height, may be close to impossible to disassemble him anymore  🙂

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