S.Ve.Shekher Sashtiabdhapoorthi Stills

S.Ve.Shekher 60th Wedding Anniversary Stills
S.Ve.Shekher 60th Wedding Anniversary Stills

SVe Shekher Celebrated his 60th birthday SASHTI ABDHA POORTHI) on 24th Dec 2010 at the Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar hall. The event was graced with Politicians to actors/director of kollywood.


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  1. Vasin

    This may be contraversial but seem rational to me;

    If you are old you will smell bad, look horrible, can’t do it and people won’t respect  you. Therefore become a gun wielding police to force respect or do something that will make people scared so they will respect you.

    Atha wuttutu birthday kondadikittu irke Loosu. 

  2. Vasin

    Illa nalla thiyagi aavalame! Karnan’a birthday’ku invite panni silencer gun’ala oru bullet avaroda thalela.

  3. Yuck

    Ayo ivan ingayumma, dei vasin pisin.. unnoudayaa.. comment box konja close pannu.. u need to consult a physicartist immediately..

  4. Vasin

    Yuck naan sonnathla enna thappu konjam practical illa avlau thaan but don’t you see there is a point? Ey palasu, Ey perisu ipdi naanga vayasanavangala kindala address pannarathillaya? Namba pasanga oru old strong police officer’kitte apdi behave pannuvangala? Think Man. Saambar Saatham saapidra maathri shallow’ave irkanum’nu virupam polriku!

  5. Friend

    Vasin, See Adhu Idhu Edhu in which Sve Sekhar participated, he has done some great stuff, which you will never do in your life time ! Getting dead body of unknown people and burying it ! When commenting on people who work on social cause, be polite, just my request. Just commenting doesn’t yield you anything great.

    Thanks for your understanding !

  6. SSS

    sve sekar joined dmk now. now he has been promised a dmk election seat. his son is acting in a movie as hero. all brahmin mylapore support for sve sekar. pls suck karunanidhi dik sekar nandri kettavanee

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