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The traffic police is taking bribe from lorry drivers at Chennai Broadway Prakasam street to allow them during the non-permissible time.



  1. lee

    Do not make such allegations on such poor people! If you have guts target the dirty indian politicians….

  2. gal

    it’s not an allegation.. it’s proven with evidence.. at first i thought the lorry driver was passing something else but have a look again.. all 3 lorries are different..

  3. Theriyadhavan

    2 morrow even if u guys r in a same position, even u guys will do d same thing. y unnecessary commenting on this matters. Waste of time.

  4. Vasin

    Pothda loosu! Enna ‘we’? Ethni peru irkanga kaariyam nadakalenalum paravala lanjam thara maatenutu. 

  5. Vasin

    Nee thaanda correct Machi; antha police kaarana yaaravathu potuthallanum. Serupadi kudukarathellam very mild.

  6. Raju

    ivana madhiri police huh kas kudukra madhiri kaiyya pidichu iluthu lorry kulla vachi oadhaikkanum,,,,, appo dhan next time ipdi panna matan

  7. agni

    Now a day almost everybody have cellphone camera. So, use it! Do something like this. Dont worry guys! One day everything going to be OK.

  8. Urvashi

    We can not blame the cop. When the inflation is high and his children are earning more than he does – he needs to manage the show at home.

    Does he have a health insurance or medical insurance? He will be hardly getting 8000 INR / month as salary. Unlike defence forces in India and other cops in Western countries, these traffic cops in India do not get susidies of food and services.

    Don’t blame the cop but the system!

  9. Vasin

    Oooooooo A Big Big hole!!!

    You say the system is to blame; ok; let us make adjustments or do a complete overhaul on the system; do you believe the cop salary would shoot up to Rs 25000? It will not immediately so he would continue taking bribes!

    One of the main reasons for corruption is people are not prepared to wait or try harder ways to make money; Kiran Bedi completed her PHD after joining the services; it is more of a mindset than necessity; if a cop gets bribes on any few days it might be due to some urgent requirement of cash; but these cops do it regularly; you kill them; the next cop would think twice before taking bribes; then you know you have already put a step forward in the right direction.

  10. Kamal

    Well said Vasin… Cob & the Driver should be punished… Put around 5000 Rs penalty for the drivers for rules violation. 5 years jail for cob for bribe.
    Min penalty for trafice violation Rs 5000. For Bribe (for Cob) 5 years Jail. Bribe (for politician) cut their pennies.
    Giving Bribe (for all public) get back their ration card along with Rs 5000 penalty with 2 years Jail.
    India will be number one in the world with in one year.

  11. indian

    dei vasin ..nee enna periya paruppa? everybody has the rights to say what they think.. theva illama overa pesathey.

    give respect to others feelings.. ellarukkum periya pudingiyattam reply panra..poi velaiya paru…

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