Rajini kochadaiyaan New look

Rajini in Kochadaiyaan new Photo revealed

Rajini kochadaiyaan New look
Rajini kochadaiyaan New look

Rajinikanth’s new look in Kochadaiyaan has been revealed last night… The new photo shows both the avatars of Rajini in Kochadaiyaan. The Picture was shared by soundarya Ashwin.

One glance at the photo will give a thought has the looks of the Rajini’s Rana and Kochadaiyaan images from the first released posters been merged. But to understand the background we will have to wait for the film that is  in the post-production stages to hit the screens.

As per the producer of the film Dr Murali Manohar, Kochadaiyaan can be expected to hit theatres by July 2013.



  1. Proud Tamilian

    Why is that some tamilians always degrade a tamil movie even before they are released whereas appreciate English/Hindi movies even if its a shit? is It becos they want to show there disgusting feeling of dis-belonging and feel insulting for the fact they are Tamilians? The Americans, Britons, Germans, French, Japanese and of late Chinese have got there status because they stuck to there roots and feel proud of there origins.

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