Podaa Podi crew celebrates directors birthday

Simbu along with the Podaa Podi crew celebrated the birthday of the 25 year old director Vignesh Shiva at the sets of the film last week in London,Varalakshmi Sarathkumar makes her debut in this romantic comedy flick which is all about a couple who finds love by surprise and how they make sacrifices to be together.

After having completed nearly 70 of the first schedule Simbhu has returned to Chennai today for the shoot of Vaanam and is expected to fly on Oct 1st for the second schedule.

Podaa Podi crew celebrates Vignesh Shiva’s birthday



  1. ajith fan

    super ra sonna da. avan oru potta athanala thaan avana love panra ellarum avana vittutu odi poranga

  2. san33

    simbu such a  big mouth…boast abt himself…….. TN  mokkah  heros list irrukkhu .. which includes vijay followed by dhanush and simbhu…..indha list ippadiya stop aana nalla irukkum…. idhungalam oru padathuku mela nakida kudathu.. boring to c them in big screen..  either dey luk bad or dont know to act… poor performance… idhula simbhu oru psycho.. he always want to show him great by taking dirty concept about gals… such a retarded fellow… vijay n dhanush knows how dey are luking n wt dey deserve n dey atleast maintain silence in public.. indha karadi kuttyku mattum theriyadhu.. he thinks he is smart… he speaks so stupid… 

  3. guest 2

    all the actors show they own talent ..n they rocking in cinema …so need to compared with anybody….n talk badly about them

  4. me

    i agree with your statement but trust me dhanush is a good actor dont't compare him to mokkai actors like vijay please=)

  5. san33

    yeah dhanush is better performer compared to other two…I like his role in thuvadho illamai,kadhala kondein and but like him as a hero in polladhavan.. but nt padikadhavan also dnt like rest of his movies pudhukottai saravanan and few more…….. 

  6. san33

    try to frame sentences before commenting…wts dis <span> actors show they own talent…dint get u…n </span> u said need to compare with anybody … wts dat? n talk badly about them… I dont think neither I nor anyone have spoken badly in these comments…do u want to speak badly about themm…is dis ur point…

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