Picture of the day – Penguin with heart shape

Penguin with heart shape in Chest
Penguin with heart shape in chest

The baby Emperor penguin, frozen in time, with a unique heart-shaped plumage on his chest. It was pictured by award-winning female photographer Sue Flood in the Antarctic.

The white heart-shaped patch on his chest is a natural formation due to the moulting of his feathers which is being called a one in a million genetic fluke.

Sue Flood said that in the 20 years she has been taking pictures in the Arctic and Antarctic, and on more than 30 trips to the frozen plains, she had never picked up such a penguin phenomenon.

“This one is one in a million and in all my time as a photographer he’s the only one I have seen with a bib of this shape – when I saw it, I just couldn’t believe it”.



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