Nithyananda’s Agreement paper with lady devotee leaked

Nityananda was interrogated by police on Friday as new evidence surfaced that the self-styled god-man had made his disciples to sign non-disclosure agreement about sexual acts.

The 32-year-old Nityananda was in hide since March 3 after a video showing him in bed with actress ranjitha was telecasted and was arrested in Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday, 21 April 2010. He was sent to police custody for four days late on Thursday by a judicial magistrate in Ramanagara.

He was brought before the court in Ramanagara as he has an ashram in Bidadi, about 30 km from here, in Ramanagara district.

A youth hurled a footwear at Nityananda as he was coming out of the residence of the magistrate. It hit Nityananda on his legs, and the attacker was arrested.

Reports soon after the telecast of the video of Nityananda’s sex romp said he had tried to secure himself from any legal action by making his devotees sign papers agreeing to sexual acts as part of rituals to attain enlightenment.

The agreement, copies of which have been accessed by media, states among other things that a volunteer understands that the programme “may involve the learning and practice of ancient tantric secrets associated with male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy/spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony and freedom”.

Bangalore police said they have been receiving several complaints of sexual exploitation and cheating after the scandal broke out and police appealed to people to come forward with information.

It will be a long legal battle. We are verifying the information reaching us from several places and confronting Nityananda with it to know the scale of his illegal and immoral activities,” a police spokesperson said

To View the agreement papers in high resolution, double click on the image , below is the agreement paper made between Nithyanandas trust and lady devoteee Vidya Viswanathan from kerala

Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 1Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 2Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 3

Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 4Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 5Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 6
Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 7

Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 8

Point A2 and A3 are the noteable catchy ones that read on sexual pleasure and nudity

Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 9
Nithyananda Agreement paper with lady devotee- page 10


  1. Anonymous

    totally agree with previous anon poster.. how can educated girls enter into such agreements? its like prostituting your body for nirvana! no swami or guru or humanbeing can be trusted so blindly that you can sign on the dotted line without reading and understanding the details of an agreement.
    fine print was either missed or willingly agreed upon by these women. Heaven alone knows how many non-english speaking girls have signed such documents without knowing its full contents.

  2. Anonymous

    what rubbish is this…..this is making prostituition legal by signing documents….how ignorant and atrociously stupid can people be… long as these stupid people exist in India there is no end to all this obscene thugs and scumbags under the name of Godmen…..shame on these people…..

  3. Anonymous

    fuck u nithyanandha. why do u use religion to satisfy ur desire. in the first place u need not have gone under the cover of a holy man to do this. u cld fucking have remained normal and fucked whoever u want. u motherfucker. disgrace to all holy man. make sure noone sees u. i hope u die a very gory and a bad death. HELL IS WAITING FOR YOU SWAMIJI.

  4. Anonymous

    I heard many people were not even given chance to read it. They were asked to sign it and many signed trusting this man alone 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    how come even after seeing these documents, the govt is letting the ashram to continue. It is purely bonded prostitution.

  6. Anonymous

    WTF is this? these people have lost their minds! this guy should be tortured to death…fuk knows how many girls were abused by this mofo

  7. Anonymous

    This fellow has abused the book GITA of all Hindus that will laid on their chest when the person will lied on his pyre. It is therefore the duty of any Hindu men women young old gay straight disabled or not to beat him. Please beat Nithya – it will take you to heaven.

    His dick should be chopped. Indian govt is a mother fucking one. Fuck you the CHUTIYA INDIAN ADMINISTRATION – ACT FAST. Iski gaand pe aag laga do bhai saab milke..

  8. ******

    bloody fucker nithya.. if he needs pleasure means he can directly approach to pros girls.., but instesd of tat cheating wit d name SWAMIJI…

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