Nisha Kothari at New Year Bash Stills

Nisha Kothari at Biggest New Year Bash Stills
Nisha Kothari at Biggest New Year Bash Stills

Its set to be a `cold’ New Year for Hyderabadis this time, and it’s not for the dropping temperatures alone.

With speculations that the Srikrishna Committee report submitted on December 30 — would stir up some trouble in the city, pubs and hotels had to shelve their `starry night’ plans for revellers. Not just international celebrities, even desi artists stayed away from the party scenes this year.

Party organisers had no other options, instead settled for small stars and in-house DJs to keep the spirits of party animals high. Predictably then, Country Club, after much propaganda about showering celebrities on Hyderabadis this December 31st, had on its final line up nothing more than forgotten starlet Nisha Kothari. Remember Nisha Kothari, who debuted into Tamil film ‘J J’ in the name of Amoha.

Stills of Nisha Kothari at New Year Party Bash held at Country Club, Hydreabad on December 31, 2010.

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  1. sushi

    looking gorgeous!!
    u look differnt,andpretty
    i miss u.
    hope u act in other tamil movies!!
    happy new year!!!

  2. Vasin

    Ellarum enna manichudunga.. evalavu nal ippadi thappu thappa.. publicity’kaga msg adichadhu thappu panniten.. I’ am very sorry again.. inimay intha mathiry keel tharamana ve

  3. Vasin

    dei.. mooditu ethavathu velai iruntha poi paruda.. oruthan thiruntha vida matingalada… but u r a good man…

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