Mandhira Punnagai Movie Stills

Mandira Punnagai Movie
Starring : Karu Palaniappan, Meenakshi, Santhanam, Thambi Ramaiya, Maheshwari, Rishi
Direction : Karu Palaniappan
Music : Vidyasagar

Mandhira-Punnagai Stills 1
Mandhira Punnai Movie stills 2
Mandhira Punnagai Movie stills 3

Mandhira Punnagai Movie stills 4
Mandhira Punnagai Movie stills 5
Mandhira Punnagai Movie stills 6
Mandhira Punnagai Movie stills 7
Mandhira Punnagai Movie stills 8


  1. Randy

    He is Karu Pazhaniappan, the director of the films Parthiban Kanavu, Paarthale Paravasam and Sivappathikaram..

  2. Anony

    Randy, Thanks for your clarification.But i guess “Paarthale Paravasam” is directed by k.Balachander.
    May be a a good director but still with all his beard he looks like junior T.R.

  3. sam

    this guy is a brilliant director.
    beard is some thing that goes well with this guy… lets see if it works.. hope it will do, as it might help him hide some of his over emotions if too much in the movie.

  4. meera

    Yes ! he  did not have a good look…may be he is good director and he should remain in direction and i did not understand y this director such as cheren ,sundar.c , s.j surya and so on eager to become a hero.  There movie as director been very nice to watch but when they act on screen i could not take it. It was so irritated to see them doing romance and dancing scenes.   

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