7am Arivu Making Gallery

Making of 7aam Arivu Stills

7am Arivu Making Gallery
7am Arivu Making Gallery

Watch The Making Of 7aM ARIVU Climax Fight stills

Making of 7aam Arivu

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  1. malavan

    i did watch 7 am arivu and velayutahm. in my opinion 7 am arivu is a superior movie and sopisticated. surya’s acting was brilliant. he is a actor who can act all type of roles. velayutham is  again a same old story we seen in many movies. people are now tired of watching such movies. hansika motwani’s roll was a total waste and the comedy was below par and copying the assasins creed fiction was aother low point. 7 am arivu is a total winner in style, story telling, music, cast and visuals.

  2. cj

    7am arrivu was a good attempt, but surya’s over acting and stuthi’s tamil dialogues r the minus points in the movie..

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