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Mahabharatham in Tamil SUN TV Serial

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Mahabharatham in Tamil Photo

Mahabharatham Tamil TV Serial would be telecast on SUN TV beginning February 17 every Sunday between 10 and 11 am.

Directed by Suresh Krishna
Cast: Poovilangu Mohan(Vyasa), O.A.K. Sundar(Bheeshma), Ilavarasan(Shantanu), Devipriya (Satyavathy), Rashmi (Ganga), Pooja Lokesh(Ambai), Aishwary(Draupathi), Manohar(Jenamejayan),Amit Bhargav(Krishna), Ramesh Pandey(Shaguni), Archana Gaikwad(Ambikai), Bharathkumar(Parsuramar), Gururaj(Vashishtar).
Music director: Deva
Cinematography: Ganesh Kumar



  1. Yasotha

    Hi, am writing from Singapore…. We hv bn watching Sun tv’s Mahabharatam on wkly basis… firstly I wld like to congratulate & thank south indian chinnathirai for finally coming up wif tis project. Hardly we can and expect mythology or epics fr south india side. Most of the time such dramas comes from north india and they are well taken too.
    I shd say we are ardent fan of mahabharatam epic. I hv read, listened n of cos watched … Chopra’s mahabharata was excellent!!! Why am I saying this…???
    My personal view or fdbk on Sun tv’s mahabharatam is as follow… One of the obvious comment is, it is extremely slow moving. If u are saying it is detailed, I will not agree. Cos d very simple detail of lord Ganesha’s condition to Sage Vyasa when reciting the story is not even shown. The one & a half tusk for Lord Vinayaka is also missing in the very 1st episode. (Sage Vyasa asked Ganesha to transcribe the poem as he dictated it to him. Ganesha agreed, but only on the condition that Vyasa recite the poem uninterruptedly, without pausing. The sage, in his turn, posed the condition that Ganesha would not only have to write, but would have to understand everything that he heard before writing it down. In this way, Vyasa might recuperate a bit from his continuous talking by simply reciting a difficult verse which Ganesha could not understand. The dictation began, but in the rush of writing Ganesha’s feather pen broke. He broke off a tusk and used it as a pen so that the transcription could proceed without interruption, permitting him to keep his word.)
    Instead too much time spent on unnecessary detail, such as the love blooming between King Shantanu n Ganga n followed by with his second wife Satyavathi, eyes meeting, the long conversation during the rejection by lover & parents of Amba, conversation between Satyavathi n her 2 daughter in laws, Ambika & Ambalika upon arrival… sigh…. NOT NECESSARY AT ALL!
    If u want all age group to watch this mahabharatam to understand our valuable and precious Hindu epics & puranas… u must think from all angleS. Will our youngsters have such patience??? Even older ppl do not have the patience nowadays… cos we are living in a fast pace life and we have to modify our thinking too… When I watch “Neegalum Vellalam Oru Kodi” last season (Suriya’s), I realised that our ppl were not aware of our epics… they stumbled whenever there is questions on it. Simply dont know abt Great Bhishma, Duryodhana, etc…My son is 15 yrs old, a Singaporean teenager. He enjoyed watching Chopra’s mahabharata (tamil dubbed) with me and understood a lot about the epic, charactors, etc…. and he can answers those questions…. this is what we wanna achieve ultimately through our Sun tv mahabharatham serial. What made my young son to get hooked on to Chopra’s mahabharatha…? it’s the way it was taken, the great selection of artist for each character, etc..But he has been complaining about the pace of Sun tv’s mahabharata. He is loosing his patience for the unwanted and non-critical details, he even commented that “he realise now why sun tv’s mahabharatam can take more episodes than the hindi version…”
    Even the Shivam drama is being enjoyed by all age group… look at their pace and story line. They too include love in between but different concept when comes to spiritual & epics…it should NEVER be like our soap serials pls!!! Next the artist or actors… some of them does not suit the characters & body build… Nitish Bharadwaj as Lord Krishna, Mukesh Khanna as Bhishma , Puneet Issaar as Duryodhana, etc were superb selections… hindi’s artists selection was outstanding! They portrayed like the real characters. Our south india artist need to work out a little to achieve such built; at least to a certain extent. Similarly, Mohit Raina as Lord Shiva in Shivam serial… his body built and the way he potrays the character simply impacts the whole serial in a positive aspect. Even make us feel that Lord Shiva resembles him… all these things are important to make the serial successful & interesting and bring viewers closer to it. One more thing, the make-up for male artists seriously need to b reduced!!! Pls improve on it!
    Hope the mahabharata team and crew look into this deeply to improve and make valuable changes with feedback received from viewers to enhance the quality of this major serial. Last but not least, we have been recording it n watching it later, cos I can simply fwd all those commercial (too many & long….!!) & unwanted boring scenes. On the whole, the duration of the serial is only abt 30 to 35 mins or so… not 1-hr!!!
    From, YASOTHA (Singapore)
    Email: [email protected]

    1. rohini

      Wow…I’m completely agree ur valuable rich point on this too feel the same thing.but of course I hesitate to say above.

  2. saranya

    hi the show is pretty good ,i would suggest that the same actors and actress throughout the end,
    what is the name of the actor who is playing the role of lord krishna


    Hi Liked the person who played Lord Krishna role and I liked his way of expression,facial moves, eyebrow expression, then complete cool nature on complete story. I would like to congratulate him. So if any one knows his name or region of that person, Please send his information…

    1. Nithia Muthu

      Hi Tagore, Amit Bhargav is not Krishna, throughout the movie it was someone else and name is not mentioned. Based on serial “Seethe Kannada” this guy’s name is mentioned as Vallab. He acted as Lakshman. Superb acting. Amit Bhargav might have choosen in the first place but did not act in this seriel. Bravo to them team, I really wish to see many more other epics such as Ramanyana, Krishna, Seetha, Hanuman and etc…in original tamil version not dubbed

  4. Nithia Muthu

    I think the person who played lord krishna’s role is amit bhargav. But I would also like to know the previous one before amit bhargav. His acting is cool. Suits him. The one that I really enjoy watching. Pitha magar (Bheesmachariyar). Simply superb acting. Well done to the team. The director and producer hats off. I personally prefer to watch tamil version bcos of the language. The hindi serial dubbed in tamil sounds funny to me. It’s true sometimes it’s too draggy and slow. Maybe can improve that part. Please consider taking more such epic. Ramayanam, Krishnan, Karnan. I know very little but would love to find out more out of this kind of puranic story.

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