Madhavan and Vijayalakshmi at the launch of Gillette Guard Stills

Madhavan and Vijayalakshmi at the launch of Gilletes – new Razor Gillette Guard,Madhavan who came with mild moustache and Beard did a live shave to proove the effectiveness of the blade which he claimed is target towards those who use two sided blades and those who
• Primarily want an affordable and safe shaving experience
• Desire a razor that can help manage longer hair because they don’t shave every day
• Often lack running water, therefore place high importance on easy-rinsing technology
• Use unique gripping patterns when shaving that need to be addressed



  1. sumo

    Vijayalakshmi kuda edha than use panrangalam… paarunga maadavan mungiyaveda evanga mungi pala palakudu….

  2. King

    konjam decent ta pesalam ellorum…guess everyone coming to this website r educated…but words r rubbish…

  3. poda

    Hey king. moodu da. educated vandha periya idha? Ava manasula nenachurupan nanga web la solrom. she ll shave her pussy. 🙂 vijikum  gilette kum vera ena samandham?

  4. anon

    dei kamnaati.. if you talk like this about any actress in some controversy like ajakthara, its ok (though its still bad to talk indecently). Atleast then we can leave saying that people say it in rage. aana, kaaraname illama summa oru ponna asingama pesaruye, unakku vekkama ve illiya?? ithula king nu peru vera…

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