Koffee with Anu |Kamal Hasaan|Vijay Tv -Diwali special

Vijay TV is all set for an array of interesting Diwali special programmes as the festival fever catches up all over the country.

The major highlight of the celebrations will be on 05 November 2010- Friday, 0900 hrs IST , Koffee with Anu Diwali special programmer will have the Universal hero Ulaganayagan Kamalhassan having a cool chat over a hot cup of coffee with brother Chandra Hasaans daughter Anu Hassan.

The actor would talk about his life, career, friends and more,. No one can afford to miss this special Univercell Koffee wih Anu episode.

Kamal-koffee with Anu



  1. Suresh

    managetta moorthy ..ipdai ellarkittayum thittu vangatathuku nee comment kudukamaye iruthu irukalam.. pity on you..

  2. iiiiiiiiii

    actually speaking vasin than oru gay….  he he he look at his profile pic.. pannadai… mooditu iru da… dont give comments to any news now onwards..

  3. Karthik

    Simply superb. . . i think no one can look smarter and younger at this age. . .   I would seriously screw u vasin for all these comments. . .  but hope that would n be wished by kamal or any of his fans here. . .  so v have kept quiet for all your posts. . .  do not touch and scratch too much so that u wont bleed while doing. .  keep away you yuck. . . . ..  if u dare lets meet up some time for sure and decide among ourself. . . . deal ah no deal ah?????

  4. @@@@

    dei vasin……vaya muda kazhuthai…..
    unnaku yentha rights eruku avara pathi paesaruthuku….
    unnaku pidikalana vaya mudu da nayeeeeeeeeee…… =-X =-X =-X

  5. moorthy

    avvai shanmughi vettaiyadu vilayudu ithu mathiri ethanayo padam hollywooda pathu copy adichadhu.purincha sori naye

  6. moorthy

    managetta suresh i dont care whether he believes in god or not but he should not insult other people’s belief first know that.yeah lot of people scolded me but that is the price for speaking the truth.too bad you people will never understand that.

  7. moorthy

    he is not telling his views.he is telling others.if i dont have rights to tell other people what to do , then in the same way kamal also doesnt have the right to tell others what to do.

  8. g

    amanda kamala vettala pakhu kuppiduranga posollu.hollywood padathat poi mudhala parungada adhula nadichavanga mathiri kamalala 10% kuda nadika mudiyathu.orey mathiri nadichu orey kadathaya thirumba thirumba yedukurathane kollywood.adula kuda paru hollywood pera kuda kaapi adichu kollywood peru vechu irukinga.sentimental idiots

  9. Common Man

    Guys please blog post comments when you want to make any constructive discussion..argue…fight let that be a healthy one….
    In the name of giving your view point…(so called freedom of thought, speech bla bla…) dont utter filthy stuffs…here on public forum….
    Say it talking ill about a much celebrated person…even a common man… Know your limits….
    Grow up…. Think sensible…Write sensibly…Speak sensibly

  10. kk

    well know one can help u feel better i you dont dare to! he is speaking his views and that is all to it…neenga atha epdi venumnaalum eduthukonga…we cant help if u feel bad coz we dont mean to do that! simplw.

  11. sakthi(to moorthy)

    hold ur tongue..everyone s copying the scripts…he jst proved his tallent by his acting in the movies u have mentioned. endhiran is too copied fm the japanese movie..do u knw that? so this is the prbm with script writers nt with heros.dnt use abuse wrds in the public forum.

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