Kanimozhi Audio Launch Stills

Kanimozhi Audio Launch Stills

The audio release of Kanimozhi,T Siva’s Amma Creations venture with Sona’s maiden production, was held in Anna Arivalayam yesterday. The first copy of the audio was released by the Chief Minister and received by Vijay. Earlier, the film’s lead Jai brought the air-bound CD that was attached to a hot air balloon to the dais and handed it over to the CM.

The audio release was peppered with political referential speeches by both CM and Vijay. To start with, Vijay termed the CM family as the celebrated family that stands only next to the Nehru family when it comes to political families in India. He went on to sing praises of the supposedly powerful names in the family, namely Udhayanidhi, Dayanidhi and Arulnidhi. Vijay also said that the title Kanimozhi is also very powerful.

He also narrated an incident as to how a family that met with an accident was rescued by the CM’s ambulance service upon dialing 108. “Whereas the woman among the victims was praying to god for rescue, a passer-by advised her to dial 108 and call for an ambulance,” Vijay mentioned.

The CM, who spoke after Vijay, replied to the actor’s remark saying that there are some family-less people who wouldn’t like his comment.

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