Jeeva Fans take Paal Kavadi for KO Success Stills and Video

Jeeva Fans celebration on KO First Show

Actor Jeeva’s KO has been released on Friday (April 22, 2011) in nearly 230 theatres in Tamil Nadu, making it Jeeva’s biggest wide release. Jeeva fans in Chennai celebrated the release of ‘KO’ by putting up big hoardings in front of the theatres, wishing Jeeva and pouring milk (paal abhishekam) over the hoardings.

The fans also performed ‘Paal Kaavadi’ (carrying milk pot and Kaavadi) on heads to pray for the success of KO. To our surprise, there were also hoardings for Karthika Nair(yesteryear actress Radha’s daughter) who is making her debut in Tamil with KO.

Directed by KV Anand, the movie also has Ajmal and Piaa Bajpai in the lead roles. Harris Jayaraj has scored the music.

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  1. jojo muniandy

    How much did they pay this monkeys, to do the pal aibishegam, why rituals that are performed for god are performed for humans. Uncivilised hooligans, atleast donate that milk to the poor you dickheads  ..!.,

  2. jeev

    When is this “pouring milk” on hoardings going to stop… foolish bas**ds… i hate the whole “rasigar mandram” concept… Let all these morons die in some tsunami… 

  3. jeeva

    actor Jeeva itself will say that he doesnt have any fan clubs. this is a advertisement by kv anand and producers to make this film success. and also make karthika nair success. NAIR will never succeed. they are morons. NAIR attitude and selfishness and no respect for other community people will not live long

  4. owl

    its all that radha and her daughter’s job, avale press meeting, mata heroien ku ellam press meeting thaan appointment ketu poi paapanga, ivalunga veetuku press metteing vanga vanga nu setup panni kupiduvalnga.

  5. owl

    its all that radha and her daughter’s job, avale press meeting, other heroiens ku ellam press meeting thaan appointment ketu poi paapanga, ivalunga veetuku press metteing vanga vanga nu setup panni kupiduvalnga.

  6. jojo muniandy

    Looks like you are one of the dickhead who were involved in that, paal abhishegam… hahahahaha, stop barking asshole. You guys should try to bath 3 times a day and keep your self hygiene, rather than bathing your idols cut outs with milk and payasam. Aperom inthe vijay, ajith and vonge aka purusen viliyathe ippothan da udeporinge, goyale?

  7. AAAA

    Nasama pona tamilarhalukku ihellam oru polappu. The fans are ready to suck the actors penis and ass. useless people.

  8. Vasin

    Ada Paavingala! LTTE maathri oru outfit form pannanum. Mothalla corrupt poiticians’a aprom intha fan club members’a potu thallanum.

  9. Director

    naadu urupta maaridhan… pulaingala padika vaingadana ,paal abhishegam pool abhishegamnu theriyaranunga.. 

  10. killadi

    muniyandy im nt a garbage person lyk u to join these stuff. im just sayin ok. mind ur words u uneducated bastard

  11. Kundelekesi

    Well Mr. Kamenati opps kabothi opps sorry killadi, are you stupid or what, you are the one in the first place talking like retard person backing the paal abhishegam thingy. Then now you are saying that you are not a garbage person. Hmmnn are you ok, are you suffering from any brain ilness. Well anyway your “im just sayin ok” reply cracked me up, you are talking like a 12 year old, vaisuke vanthutiya. Not yet right…. Get a life losser.  😎

  12. jojo muniandy

    If they keep on pouring the milk on posters, cardboards, cut outs, hoardings and lamp posts epedi vaisuku varuvange. Ivenege paal edetethu hoarding abhisegam ku poiruvange, aperom ivange wife ku inoruthen paal vangi kuduthu 1st night celebrate panuvange. Ithule peru paru killadi, myrandi enthu….

  13. Usha Parvathi

    mind ur words mr khilladi.. no1 here is supporting these uncivilised acts.. and how dare u scold some1 bastard? tells alot abt ur family and upbringing.. all of us have the right to voice our opinions and paal abhishegam whoever it is done for, vijay, ajith, jeeva or even rajini, should be condoned!!

  14. Usha Parvathi

    yes all young and innocent ones are dying.. but not these ppl who dont even have the basic sense after growing so old!!

  15. Usha Parvathi

    i think the actors involve should hold a press meet for this and ask all their urupudatha fans not to waste milk and to take care of their families!! i’ve never seen these madness anywhere else in the world!! but sadly actors are only concerned abt their films doing well.. not even one film industry personality have come forward to discourage ppl from this insane act!! correct me if i’m wrong pls..

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