Jeeva Fans Celebrate Rowthiram Release at Vadapalani Stills

Fans celebrate Rowthiram Release

Jeeva-Shriya Saran starrer Rowthiram directed by debutant Gokul has been released on August 12(Friday). The star’s fans from Vadapazhani, Chennai celebrated the release of the film in a grand manner. The movie is produced by Jeeva’s father R. B. Choudary’s Super Good Films. After the success of ‘Ko’, fans of Jeeva are expecting more from him. Lets see how ‘Rowthiram’ fulfill their expectations.

Here are the exclusive stills for you.

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  1. S M

    At age of 18 following a film hero will be like love, after 35 it will be like love failure…
    So pls don’t waste your life with these nonsense people (so called heros). better spend your time with your family and friends and have a role model like, APJ Abdul Kalam, Narayanamoorthy, etc, it will always help you to grow in your life oneway or another…

    So watch films only for entertainment, and don’t take it seriously…  

  2. Smile

    Yes.I agree with S M.Vazhkaile urupudra vazhiya parunga.Idhellam namakku soru podadhu.Get ur priorities right.As true fans,u should support ur fav actor’s movies by watching them in theatres.That’s enough.Acting is their profession.The only difference between a common man and a celebrity is that the latter gets recognised everywhere.That’s the price he/she pays for their stardom.Apart from that,they are just like every one of us.

  3. Chinna R

    yennadhu shakeela’va??
    ille sasikala’va?? *DONT_KNOW*
    dai vasin..athu yennada photo,koranguku shave panne madri??intha munji twitter’le vare pottirukke..heart patient pathangana vibharithum agathu??sahikale..ho ithu than solla vanthiya??im so sorry..sorry for the’tu meet pannuvum..vartta 😎

  4. Smile

    @Chinna anna and Vasin anna.

    Even i thought so.In Ramayanam,when Raavan carries Seetha to lanka in his flying chariot,a white bird called “Jatayu” would come to fight with him.Vasin anna’s pic looks like Jatayu.

  5. Vasin

    You are treated as a next door girl so you have to return at least the same; you badly failed in it; pattikaatuthanama Anna Thambi sollatheenga; ippo puriyaratha why you shouldn’t model yourself using outdated models and concepts such as Ramayana Maha Bharatha. Pattikadu!

  6. Smile

    Naan pattikadu than.I don’t feel ashamed to be called a paatikadu in that sense.Avuthu pottutu ellar koodaiyum poradhudhan modern-na,enakku appadi patta pattam thevai illai.Naan pattikadave erukkean.By the way,Raise ur middle finger at someone else,not me.

  7. Smile

    @Vasin.What’s to be offended by addressing one as a brother?If u have a sister,would she call u porambokku??Bec we comment frequently,people around will start saying that we have an eye on each other which is absolutely false.So why add on to that.”Its ok,we are just friends”nu solradhuku i am not an actress or a girl from ur dear UK.Naan eppadithan.If u feel embarssed to consider me as a sister or comment to me hereafter,by all means,u don’t have to.

  8. DK

    @smile..unge comment yellam chinna pulle thanama irukku…u mean to say all modern girls walk around naked..u think they dont pray god??..having boyfriend is a sin?? u think they sleep with everyone??dont u wear only half thavani???yethuku ungalle perumiya pesa mattra pengale yuvlo kevalama pesringe??

  9. Vasin

    Shut Up you idiot. Sister calls me by name. Athu sari onikenga athu puriyapoguthu? You know this is why Indians are treated as lesser beings; the defensive timid attitude; why fear anything; just treat everyone equal and positive; if something bad happens then face it.

  10. Chinna R

    @vasin anna..yein yuvlo tension avringo??thangachi smile rombo feel panranagle??pls say sorry to ur sister smile..nalla pullaiya irukka kathukunge vasin anna.. 😎

  11. Smile

    @DK…Excuse me…i am a woman.I will never degrade womanhood.Pengalai madhikadhavanga kitta pesakoodadhunu ninaikirava naan.I also know….dhavani pottva ellam pathiniyum illai,dress potava ellam vesiyum illai.”Avuthu pottutu ellar koodaiyum poradhudhan modern-na,enakku appadi patta pattam thevai illai.” nu soneane thavira…ella ponnungalum appadinu naan sollave illlai.Oru indian girl veliya moderna erukardhu thappu illai,but deep in her heart she should follow her tradition and morals.That’s my point.And i don’t need to sing my own praise.Neenga,Vasin ellam ore vargam.Aambale vargam.All u guys(in common but there are exceptions)want a girl for timepass.Adhukapuram appa,amma partha ponna kalyanam pannitu pondatti mundhanaiya pidichupeenga.Appo ungala virumbina ponunga nilamai???Odane sandaiku vandhudadheenga.Ambalaingale nalla vangalum erukanga.But majority are like this.Whether a cloth falls on a thorn or a thorn falls on a cloth,damage is to the cloth.Eppadi ketta aambalainga kitta matikama,women have to practice caution.It all begins with ladies,naama decenta erundhomna,guys also will respect us.If we try to be funny,they will make use of us.This is what i meant by that sentance.

  12. Vasin

    Epdiyum enmeleye plate a thiruppi Pali poturra la! Ithla mattum romba saamarthiam! Indians a epdi world treat pannarathu nu purinjukatha; Ramayanam padichtu iru!

  13. Smile

    @DK….Being a woman,i will never degrade womanhood.Naan pen inatha mattama pesave mattean.I said-Avuthu pottutu ellar koodaiyum poradhudhan modern-na,enakku appadi patta pattam thevai illai.But i did not say all women are like that.”Never judge a book by its cover”-nu solluvanga.”-Saree kattikitum morai thavari nadandhukura ponnungalum erukanga,modern-a dress panikittum tradition-a follow panra ponungalum erukanga.I support the latter.But these days,some ladies cigarette,thanni,pasanga kooda oor suthardhu,timepass panradhu,appa,ammaku theriyama clubbing poradhu edhellam modern,thappe illai appadinu ninaikiranga this is what i am against.Appadi pattu oru ponnuthan modern ponnunu neenga(men) ninaicheengana,then i am a pattikadu.This is what i was trying to say.One more thing,i don’t have the habit of tooting my own horn.Naan naana erukardhule enakku sandosham.Adhuku peru thimiru kidaiyadhu.

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