Dhanushs Mayakkam Enna Press Meet Stills and Video

Selvaraghavan Geetanjali

Mayakkam Enna Press Meet was held on 21st Sep 2011. Hero Dhanush, director of the film Selvaraghavan, his wife Geetanjali, heroine Richa, music director GV Prakash and others participated at the event to speak about the film.

Mayakkam Enna Press Meet Video

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  1. tasha

    hahaha clearly selvaragavan and his wife already did their “deed” before marriage.She looks nearly 5-6 months pregnant when they only got married in july.No wonder she looked slighly different during he wedding.

  2. sogal

    if they both love each other and going to get married soon, then i dun think there is anything wrong.. but in this case, it’s selvaraghavan’s 2nd time.. but sometimes u think u love a person and get married but later find it was jus attraction.. that might have happened in his case.. luckily he and sonia agarwal dint have any children.. now tat he’s going to become a father, hopefully he wont do the same mistake again.. kids make alot of difference to your life..

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