Dhanush Seedan Latest Stills

Dhanush Seedan Latest Stills
Dhanush Seedan Latest Stills

Banner     :     GoodKnight
Cast     :     Dhanush, Krishna, Ananya, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Sheela, Vivek
Direction     :     Subramania Siva
Production     :     R.Mohan
Music     :     Dhina
Seedan is a remake of Malayalam hit ‘Nandanam’, and fans would get to see a new Dhanush in Seedan. Dhanush plays a cook, who changes the life of Ananya, who is a maid in the same house where Dhanush is working.

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  1. Ronny

    I dont know why ur so against lungi. I have seen you comment in many places. 

    This is our culture and we should respect it. Boxers(shorts) were considered low class in US when they had lower middle class.

    Today we tend to follow them cos US is an economical power. Very soon we Indian are gonna be super powers and other countries will follow our culture.

    Even Lungi will become an hot trend then. 

  2. Vasin


    Integrity individual level’la increase aahalena super power aayida mudiyathu. Neenga individual’a Super Power’na it means we will take you seriously; ivan olaruvan onnum panna maatanu othukida maatom. Chennai’la irnthu launch panna rocket vedichu sitharinathu may be innoru 2 decades’la nadakathu. Aana Commonwealth games preparation debacle ku aprom kooda Kolkatta stadium preparations flop aaguthna???? Purinjirumnu nenekren. Soonna epdiyavathu senjidanum Seyya mudiyumna than sollanum; antha intergrity namba society’ku varathuku yaaravathu serious social change initiate pannanum. Individual thinking’a beliefs’a …etc attack panni unsettle panni think panna vaikanum.

  3. Ronny


    I never meant to politicize it and it is not an matter of integrity. It is important how you feel about ur country and culture. 

    funny though that you are able to blame the society and ask someone to initiate serious social change. Why dont you do it? you are unaware you are blaming urself.

    India is already on an verge of becoming an economical superpower. India already has a good growth rate and according to stats it will overtake China & US by 2030. We have an better growth rate than US currently and likely to overtake them in near future. At least we had an failed satellite launch, how many countries have an satellite program? 

  4. Vasin


    Like an opposition party member I criticise everything but I will never let you or my country men down in front of foreigners. Veetu sandai maathri treat pannungappa! Ithu koodava puriyal!

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