Deiva Thiirumagan Stills

Deiva Thiirumagan Stills
Deiva Thiirumagan Stills

Cast     :     Vikram, Anushka, Nasser, Santhanam, Amala Paul
Direction     :     Vijay
Production     :     M. Chinthamani
Music     :     G.V.Prakash

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  1. SB

    this is remake of “I AM SAM”.. .  thats a great movie . . . i too believe this one will be good  🙂

  2. praba

    gonna be a great movie ..  vikram looks like kamal haasan, i mean the poses… 
    i think its a mega step for vikrams acting skills… 
    love to watch the movie as soon as possible… 
    yes its looks like a remake of I AM SAM… 

  3. Urvashi

    The trailer really looks refreshing. Another feather in Kenny’s cap. Vikram is watchable. Hope, it is not going to be a frame-by-frame Vikram show. Films on Ooty-Kodai-backdrops have never failed. For example, Moonram Pirai, Raam, etc

    Sri Rajakali Amman production should release and dsitribute this film on their own, if not coerced. They should not fall into the hands of political clout. Tamil cinema needs its freedom back to where it used to be. After a long list of aruva-hodling-amma-beating-loafer-son-with-bunch-dirty-frieds filmy content, this film seems and sounds to be different and dimensioning a new facet of filmmaking in Tamil.

    There could be another national award for Vikram. Hope, he goes out and votes for the right candidate besides promoting his film. Good to see Nasser, Pandi, KK (from Malayalam), Kishore in this film. Anushka looks ravishing and captivating with subtle performance; Amala Paul seems to have done a crucial yet sober role in this film. Hope, GV Prakash scores 100% hit in this film as he is not able to deliver a complete hit album most of the time.

    All the best, AL Vijay. Your films seem to be fluently conveying what your vocal can not. 🙂

  4. Urvashi

    If Vikram dons the Dustin Hoffman’s role, who could be the Tom Cruise here…..I’m not seeing any other popular faces in this project. so, it may not be as exactly as Rain Man. However it could be a bit of inspiration or a baic plot from the movie.

    Indian filmmakers are first forced to think about financial burden of the project even before their creative excellence fly from their soul, mind, and body. No producers are willing to produce a fresh idea as a film as “Film Production” in India as a business is not yet corporatized as in Hollywood or UK or in the countries on the Far-East or Western hemisphere. So, producers fund your ideas if only it’s financially viable or an already-made film to convince them that it’s possible and profitable to make a film on that particular idea, plot, knot, one-liner, adaptation, inspriation, etc….

    It’s easy to criticize or comment about creative content as copy-catting or plagiarism but it’s not so easy when you knock at each producer’s door in Kodambaakam in the scorching sun and be a penthouse tenant, sipping tamarind-seed-filled-teapowder-made tea, in Trustpuram dreaming about making your first talkie out of those scripts in your mind….

    Even it’s inspired from Rain Man, nothing wrong in it. Arts can’t be a bolt from the blue moon or sky. Art is common as Kama. How many of you know that Indian plots and interlude music is inserted into American sit-coms or films???? We don’t know about all that because we do not follow. When we just go for a small touch up on foreign ideas, then the hell is broke….. 🙂

    Do not be a creative police as bad as moral policing by our politicians!!!!

  5. maddy

    I understand that its difficult to find a producer for a film not just in Kodambakkam but anywhere else too! It looks as if you are one of those aspiring directors who want to make it really big in films…. If thats gonna be the case good luck… criticism whether its positive or negative is always gonna be at your door step if you are in field that involves people so… ready to take it…. having said that I am a huge fan of movie Nayagan which ofcourse is inspired from Godfather…. so saying a movie is copied from other movie is not gonna make me enjoy that new one any lesser than the previous one as long as it is presented in a great way…..

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