Bhanu Mehra, The Varudu and Ethiramarai heroine stills

Bhanu Mehra, The mysterious girl you can say! who  has the credit to her name already, as the first heroine in Tollywood, whose name was kept in secret till the day the movie was released. Doesnt it sound similar to Bommalattam, but this happened in reality too through allu arjun Starring Varudu movie which was released on March 31st, directed by Guna Sekhar

Now BhanuMehra/Banushree is playing a lead role in Edhirmarai, a story of a CBI officer’s personal life and its connection with his investigation of a serial murder.Ethirmarai is expected to be released in June 2010.
Bhanu Mehra-Banushree-Stills

Bhanu Mehra-Banushree-StillsBhanu Mehra-Banushree-Ethirmarai-StillsBhanu Mehra-Banushree-StillsBhanu Mehra-Banushree-StillsBhanu Mehra-Banushree-Stills


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