Ar Rahman Dubai Concert 2011 Stills

Ar Rahman Dubai Concert 2011 Stills

 December 9th ,2011 was a special day for Rahmanics world over. It was dot 9:00 P.M, a jam packed Dubai International Stadium glittered with camera flashes awaiting the one and only You-know-who. And as promised, Isai Puyal Ar Rahman took center stage, leaving his devotees intoxicated as ever.

The show gave nostalgic heartbeats to the ones who grew up with Rahman’s music in the 90’s with Suresh Peters performing his very own ‘Chiku Buku Chiku Buku Chiku Railey’. While it provided refreshing new music for the young ones in tracks like Masakali, Jaane tu Ya Jaana na, Rang De Basanti and who can forget Hossana from the loved-by-all movie Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya. It was interesting to see Rahman rushing to the stage saying “oru Tamil paata padalama” with fans going berserk just before performing the VTV song with Vijay Prakash.  Many of his Rockstar tracks also made it to the concert tracklist including Kun Faya Kun and Phir Se Ud Chala. Other top favourites were devoured by fans in Khwaja Mera Khwaja, Robaaroo and the patriotic themed Vande mataram.

Dubai cheered in sheer joy with many taking home memories for a lifetime. Rahman, a big Thanks to you from all of us crazy Rahmaniacs !!!

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