Anti-Piracy signature campaign at CIFF Stills

Say 'No' to Piracy - K S Ravikumar Stills
Anti-Piracy signature campaign at CIFF Still

Director K.S.Ravikumar, actor Suhasini Mani Ratnam and music director Devi Sriprasad spoke at the launch of an anti-piracy signature campaign by Access Atlantech Edutainment and Chennai International Film Festival on Sunday.

They had recommended “A dedicated number to complain about piracy can be set up. The numbers could be flashed in theatres and people could send SMSes if they see such illegal activity and be rewarded if it is found true.”

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  1. Man

    Hello KS Ravikumar,

    First you guys pay the income tax properly for your films…Don’t you remember that you took a bribe of 6 Crores from Vadivelu to get him a film deal…

    Suguashini Madam,

    Do not try to put the blame of piracy than taking good films…Raavanan was total waste…How do you expect audience to come and watch in theatres…

    First reform yourself then start advice or blame others

  2. Abiram

    The hero earns  in Crores, while the light boy earns hardly 5000 Rs a month .. then where on the world we can expect equality. So i will not support any initiative taken by the film industry

    Piracy is one type stunts created by these folks to escape from tax payments,  And these guys are the major chunk for black money in the market.

  3. Vasin

    A technology based solution could be encrypting and decrypting it through over the air signals. Theaters too will not be able to run the movies if they don’t receive the decrypting signals. Now the thing is India with a multibillion industry at stake should quickly develop this technology and revamp the industry and sell the technology to the west. Infosys can do it. If Infosys wins the race on this it will leap to rank with IBM, Sun Systems, Googel, Microsoft…etc. Trying to tackle an international issue through legal means would not work well. In Asia it would not work at all.

  4. Vasin

    Aama. A week ago Varalaru paarthen. Stupid. Nambaluku kids’ku bed stories solra maathri thaan inga padam edukaranga. As a Director I think Ravi is just in the third class. However many seem to respect him and he carries on to be a success. I think as an individual he must have some speciality. May be he has a warm character. 

  5. Mukunthan

    Say no to Piracy illa, it should have ben Say no to KS Ravikumar, kena pudungi.. Jaggubainnu padathai nee dhaana edhutha, unna nerla parthen kaari thupuven.

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