Amla Paul at PALAM Silkline Fashion Show Stills

Amala Paul at Palam Fashion Show Still

Actress Amala Paul walked the Ramp in dazzling silk Saree at Palam Silkline 12 Fashion Show in Chennai.

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  1. Smile

    Amala paul looks pretty.Maroon-one of the best colours for a saree.Her accessories are well matched too.I love bangles….Glass bangles are so beautiful i think even more than gold and diamonds.I love them lots!!!(Ladies,thumbs up if you agree with me.Oh well,Guys can also thumbs up if you like ur ladies better in glass bangles than other types).But what’s with the weird hairdo??Kuruvi thalaile koodu kattanadhellam fashionama…Saree pallu konjam mela ezhuthuvitturukalam….hmmm ketta fashion nu vaiya adaichiduvanunga…ennatha solla?

    Lol…look at the models…all wearing garlands instead of head ornaments.Enna sadangaitangala??(Sorry friends…couldn’t think of any other expressions….)

    Amala paul surely looks better than the rest….

  2. shocked

    Saree looks like a saree only if its worn the right way. The way its worn and predicted here…anybody who even wants to buy a would’nt buy. Stop these non-sense the organisers. Saree itself is a very sexy have spoiled it. Anybody who wears saree wears a “nalinam” in the way they carry themselves. Here all the so called models stand and walk like as if they are rounded by bedsheets. Seems like they never wore a saree before. A big thumbs down for the costumers, hairdressers, event organisers, The only tollerable wear is Amala Paul’s and it would have been more descent if she had made the exposure little less.

  3. Vasin

    Don’t get angry with me. If I feel intimidated I will run away but will come back; is that a bad style?Wish you Good Day Smile.

  4. Smile

    Thanks…I really gtg now not bec of you but I have some work.Do take a look at previous comments if time permits you.Good day to you too.

  5. nothing but the truth

    Yah!! i agree nthg seem to be so beautiful and the way they ve worn flowers i kept on laughing .. Artifi cial luks and Ap poses are not kind of gud looks… In my opinion.the newly married gals shd wear this type of saree or sme seemantham gals.. we can see th glow in their faces as well as in saree……

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