Ajith Fans Celebrate Mankatha [email protected] Theaters Stills

Fans Celebrate Mankatha Release Stills
Fans Celebrate Mankatha Release Stills

At last the wait of Thala Ajith’s fans is getting over in most part of the world. The most anticipated Ajith’s film Mankatha has released world wide on August 31, 2011. Ajith Fans welcomed their Thala’s film with the ritual of pouring milk and garlanding the star’s giant cut outs and burst the crackers.

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  1. Smile

    Why the hell are they wasting so much of milk on a banner??Koile saamiku panra abishegathukku kooda evvalo paal use panna matanga.They can distribute the milk to those who need it more…..atleast to poor babies on the streets.Eppadi aniyayam panrangale….First a ban should be brought to stop showering milk on cut-outs and banners.

  2. ajith fan

    smile u bloody ass hole guy why u worry abt milk n money shut up…. if u so much loving heart gv ur money n talk smiply wit giving dnt gv ur word … cheee

  3. Smile

    @Ajith fan….ei goyyale…arivu illai?If you are a true fan,support ur star by promoting his films and watching them in theatre.The milk that ur pouring over his banners,eventually flows down to the gutter.Athala ungalukum prayojanam illai,unga thalaivarukum illai.Rather,tell ur thalai’s name and distribute it to the needy.Ungalukum punniyam,unga thalaivarukum punniyam kidaikum.So which is better?Not only for Ajith but I am telling for all actors.Of course,I will give my money for a good cause bec someone will benefit from that unlike you who rob money from people to please ur star which is of no use….

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