Airtel Super Singer 3 Grand Finale Stills

Airtel Super Singer Grand Finale Still

The third season of Airtel Super Singer has come to an end. The show was compered by Divya, a former VJ and upcoming playback singer. The judges are Srinivas, Sujatha and Unni Krishnan. The voice trainer is Ananth Vaidyanathan. This season’s show unlike the previous seasons has been a target of many controversies regarding judgement of contestants which has marred the show’s reputation.

Finalists are: Pooja, Sathya Prakash, Santhosh & Sai Saran.

There were speculations that Pooja who was one of the main contenders for the title might end up being the winner of Airtel Super Singer Season 3. But she unexpectedly was declared as third runner-up and won 1 lakh Rupees only.

Sai Saran was declared the title winner of Airtel Super Singer 3 and was awarded a flat worth Rs. 40 lakhs.Sai Charan would be looking forward to a very rewarding career as the director A. R. Murugadoss is also giving him an opportunity to sing a song in his upcoming movie.

The second prize went to Santosh who won a Tata Vista car. The third prize went to Sathyaprakash and got a handsome 3 lakhs. It was quite a sensational and shocking results with top contenders getting the last two prizes and the wild card entries getting the top prizes.

There were other prizes won as well and the one among them was Best Overseas Super Singer was awarded to Praveen. The contestant Praveen was given a Passion Pro bike for his performances. The other prize was the Airtel Super Singer Special Prize(1 lakh), and this went to Srinivas .

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  1. Isai Piriyan

    Sathya should be clearly the winner. people’s emotions were played by Sai and Santhosh to get the pity votes instead of letting the people vote for the real tallent. Too much politics. Vijay TV loosing it’s credibility. What crappy voice Sai has and his fake speech and the acts, man! disgusting. People vote should count 50% and judges vote 50% for final going forward. That might help! 2nd place would have been Srini.

  2. Sathya Fan

    Horrible Show !! Decided not to watch any more…There is no value for real talent..As per VIJAY Tv the value is only for doing acting and creating viewership rather than singing..Pity Satya was having awesome talent only singing apart from that he doest not how to act !!

    Satya – U will have bright future going forward !! Something big is awaiting for u !! Good Luck !

  3. blah

    honestly speaking…even i feel sathya prakash souldn’t have come third…but sai charan is no less in talented….his voice may not be great but he sings rellly welll and always chooses complex songs….please think before you comment so that you don’t discourgae anyone…

  4. abc

    dai goiyala… nee mothalla yosi pesurathukku munnadi. unna mathiri muttapayakthaanala than talents velila varamudiyama irukanga naayi

  5. Sam

    I think Sathya and Pooja deserved 1st and 2nd places. I hated Sai charan purely for his acting and being toomuch “Amma paiyan”. I’m not saying its wrong but he was doing it too much. 

    Koushik should have been in the top 4.

  6. vasin

    I cant even think of saisaran voice for a hero…the decision is utter ambakku…its full of emotional dealings please dont dumb the talent..on screen santhosh behave as if they are so care with everyone and entertain people but off screen he is not… sai has full of ego n head-weight… Pooja n Sathya dont worry you both are talented and you both will shine very good… Please dont telecast the emotional dealings of the contestants, for talented guys its not necessary..

  7. Sudhakar

    We can’t do much and cant blame Vijay TV, as they left it to public…There was a lots of social network request for Sai and many have voted for him..That is the truth….Personally many of judges, celebs liked Satyha and Pooja than Santhosh and Sai….So we cant blame anyone as the public have voted…Sai and his Co had many ways to request votes and he won it!….Here we cant blame anyone…Pooja and Satya, I wish there are lots of real oppertunites waiting for you and PLEASE MAKE USE OF IT AND ROCK!…OUR SOULS ARE WITH YOU 2 MORE THAN FOR SANTHOSH AND SAI….ALL ARE REAL TALENTS, BUT I FEEL YOU 2, POOJA AND SATHYA ARE DESERVE TO BE A TOP 2…

  8. suman

    Sathya is the best,that’s it.even judges and legend singer’s knew about that.Sai got the public vote from his college students.But real hero is Sathya.

  9. Raj

    Suman ,You r right Satya is the Best,If Krishnamoorthy participate for Super Singer ,Sai is no where from him.

  10. Mathy

    Sai’s Mom and Sai thinking ,he is the best.Stupid Sai.Kousik is better singer when you compare with Sai.
    Even Saisaran could not beat Vignesh in super singer Junior.

  11. Musiclover

    The decision was abosultely wrong and rubbish. Sai Charan does not deserve the title….It is one and only SATHYA PRAKASH who deserves the title. I am happy for Santhosh in second place and Sai Charan also can share second place. Pooja never comes out of comfort zone….so requires more aggressiveness when it comes to competition. Sai charan won only because of stupid college mass voting and not the real talent…His mom dictates the whole audiance as if he is the only son in the world who takes values….and other are crap….I was fuming to listen to all the statements of that lady…

  12. usha

    yes i hate the lady after i saw her face when sai charan got eliminated.. jus as u accept victory, u shld also learn to accept defeat.. maybe she dint teach her son tat life is not always a bed of roses.. he might have work hard but it doesnt mean satya prakash deserve 3rd place.. come on.. even gv prakash said satya was his fav contestant.. will any1 know better than a music director? gv may be young but has got lots of talent in him and he himself would have wished for satya to win..

    hopefully gv prakash will give satya chance to sing in movies.. in airtel super singer season 1, nikhil matthew won, but he has only sung 2 songs so far, one in tamil and one in malayalam.. but anita who was the runner-up has sang more songs than him..

    Satya Prakash – A Great Future Awaits U!

  13. viji

    HI music lover thankyou for your open suggestion i appreciate your thought of sathya being neglected for the award…ofcourse even sathya was always in his comfort zone….pooja has given song like who is the hero a peppy song, marainthu ninru parkum old song, azhagan muruganidam asai vaithaen an traditional song…hit song from ghajini excellent western….she has prooved herself in western, folk, melody, classical…She is most deserving for the title since she was always in the top list. If you want send your mail id i will forward you all the songs.

  14. viji

    Dhaarani Raman HI Pooja… Its heart breaking result..But.. Ur voice deserves more than 40 lakh house.. Sure U r going to get better opportunities than the others… All the very best for your forthcoming future… Waiting to hear ur song,…Saturday at 2:40am · LikeUnlike · 2 people2 people like this.<img src=””/>Dhinesh Ramalingam Kavuthutaanga!! VTV sux!!Saturday at 2:41am · LikeUnlike<img src=””/>Seetha Devi Congrats Pooja for winning millions of fans around the world by ur beautiful voice and fantastic singing talent. You were the most deserving candidate for this title based on all ur performances. Disappointed with the results but happy for u as this will definitely be ur beginning. With ur passion, talent and hardwork u will become a playback singer and u will win even national awards for playback singing. God wants to give u a bigger and better gift so keep going! Thanx pooja for giving us excellent performances. U may not be the AirTel super singer but u are definitely our HeartTell super singer so keep rocking and God bless . Frm ur singapore Fan. Take care.Saturday at 3:15am · LikeUnlike · 5 people

  15. viji

    Srinath Sridharan Tough luck Pooja! Remember Shreya Goshal wasn’t the winner of the reality show either. So, I am sure u gonna rock in music industry! Good luck!Saturday at 4:14am via mobile · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…<img src=””/>Karthik Ram totally upset with results…….u will rock in film industry……..good luckSaturday at 5:48am · LikeUnlike<img src=””/>Janu SheshadriPooja Vaidyanath:Manavan vanthanadi was awesomeee…my i personally tought kala kala was nt a finals performance…u shuld hav taken any national award winning song of chitra tat culd hav made a huge difference…”as we never get an explanation as to how the selection for winner takes place” u r right pooja…tey never say abt the votes no’s or anytg…long way to go..don’t lose hopes u hav earned may fans through super’s more than enough to make ur way to play back singing..:-)

  16. Mathu

    Total DRAMA by Visay tv !!
    SAI SHARAN n SANTHOSH ACTED SOOOO WELL in the drama by getting eliminated n cuming back via Wildcard fraud round!!
    Kaushik n Srinivas deserved to be in the finals !!!
    This is totally sick!
    hw can Sai sharan win???
    his voice doesnt sound good also he sang songs which he had already sung in normal rounds !!!
    Araicha maavaiye araika vendiyadu !!
    C’mon Vijay tv give us the details!!!!!
    Sai sharan and Santhosh wud’ve got Sympathy votes only!!!
    Sai sharan’s mom is a big drama queen!!
    She has good future in politics !!
    ‘Sai Sharan oda vettri Thaai kullathoda vettri’ !!
    What does she even mean??????? :/
    *DONT_KNOW* >:o
    Sathya and Pooja have a  GREAAAATTTTTTT Future awaiting them!!
    they’ll outshine others !!!!
    Hope they dont take all this to heart n keep working hard!!!!

  17. Mathu

    Mind your words!!
    Can you sing atleast one line like the way she does?
    ok leave tat also…. Hav u ever seen such a talented girl, beautiful girl who REMAINED HUMBLE at all situations?
    I like Pooja vry much, from the initial rounds i’ve been watching her carefully. She doesnt suck at all!
    You suck your attitude sucks, your favorite Sai sucks big time!
    He is not at all a deserving winner in front of our Sathya and Pooja!!
    infact he came into finals becoz of politics only.
    Sai being your favorite, you dnt evn hav rights to comment on Pooja!

  18. suriya sundar

    I like satyaprakash.he a very talent person.he got high score in finals.but he is not won the title.i wish him to achive his goal in future projects.

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