7aam Arivu song posters

Mun Andhi  Poster

Here are 6 fresh new posters for Suriya’s upcoming big flick 7aam Arivu. Each of these posters is kind of an 7aam Arivu scene-revealer, as they showcase different situations from the movie itself. It looks like the 7aam Arivu teams have saved their gorgeous lady Shruti Haasan for the movie screens as she is seen in only 2 of the posters, out of a total 6, with namma Suriya doing most of the talking.

The very first one of them “Innum Enna Thozha” quite rightly depicts the rushing disturbance of the Eelam Tamil issue as Suriya holds his looks upright n determined. The song “Innum Enna Thozha”  is a special one for 7aam Arivu composer Harris Jayaraj who dedicated the number to the cause of breaking violence in the southern tip. Time to say goodbye to war and fall in love once again with the second poster.As you all guessed, it presents a scene from the soulful number “Mun Andhi”. Shruti is looking every bit a mermaid and Suriya gazes to the golden suns and thanks the Gods for gifting him with someone so special.

Time to pump up things, as we see a nice shot from “Oh Ringa Ringa” which had folks at the Ranganathan street surprised during the shoots with the place being invaded by a  1000 hip dancers who shook scooters and autos off their feet. As the dance beats fade away we see Damo rising with a Chinese kid running freely across the corn-fields, as Suriya’s monk clad appearance behind her throws in some warmth. Now when everything was going good, Suriya settles down to think of his past and his lost train ticket at the railway tracks, totally motionless. (As if photos could move…where are we Hogwarts?) But how can namma Suriya leave us all sad and gloomy this Diwali, he soon jumps up and breaks into full swing with “Yellae lama” breaking through your speakers – out and wild.

Enjoy the posters and let us know what you felt…in the comments section below…

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