7aam Arivu Movie Audio Launch Stills

7aam Arivu Movie Audio Launch
7aam Arivu Movie Audio Launch

The 7aam Arivu audio release was held on September 22nd at the Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam. Movie hero Surya, heroine Shruti Haasan, actor Dhanush, director AR Murugadoss, Sivakumar, Karthi, Udhayanidhi Stalin, director Linguswamy, music director Harris Jayaraj, lyricist Muthukumar, Karki Vairamuthu and others graced the function. Actor Jai hosted the show.
Isha Sharvani, Lakshmi Rai and others performed at this audio launch.

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  1. Smile

    Finally!!!Shruthi’s saree is nice.The chinese actor is handsome too.Villain evvalo stylisha vandhirukaru.Why is Surya dressed like that?Adhan 18 crores vangurare oru nalla jeans vangi potts ennava??Kizhanjadha pottutu suthuraru.Where is Jo??????

  2. htt

    Shruti in Saree…… this is what I mean…no matter how glamourous  she dresses  in movies and other parties, when its a official event she dresses decently . Especially when its among mostly men. This shows her dignity .  Unlike Shreya…..If she had been here…she could have dressed up as sexy as possible!!!!! to attract attention…

  3. Smile patty ku

    Pattyeeee.. adhu fashion.. ungalukku adhellam theriyadu.. neego poi orama okkarungooo..

    enna kadhuu kekkudhaaa?

  4. Smile patty

    enango.. adhuu fashion aam.. ippo than oru thambi ennaku soluchu.. namala madheri vaisanaunkku eppidi theriyum!

  5. Smile

    Perandi…comments padika kannu nalla therinja podhum.Kaadhu kekanumnu thevai illai…Kannu nanna erukku!!!

    Kizhinja jeans podarudhuku peru fashion.Thoo….

  6. முனியாண்டி

    பாட்டு படு மொக்கையாக இருக்கிறது. எதிர்பார்த்த அளவுக்கு இல்லை. அத்துடன் ஹாரிஸ் ஜெயராஜின் பேண்டு நிறம் பாட்டை விட கலக்கலாக இருக்கிறது.

  7. htt

    The trouble with the men in film industry all has bad dress sense. with an exception of 2 or 3.

    All the MEN in the film industry dress up shabbly for functions. Most of them come in faded jeans,collarless t-shirt,checkered shirts, unbuttoned,sleeves folded carelesslessly. Worst still some come with golf caps during award ceremonies. The shoes- sneakers! GOD help me! Terrible terrible dress sense for a official event.

    SOMEONE please tell these men to dress up formally for functions for heaven’s sake!
    At least the organizers should set a decorum for dressing for the MEN

    Of course we dont have any complains about the woman as most of them are dressed glamourously enough…

    Do you ppl in the forum agree with me?? Please comment!

    Would you’ll not like to see our actors in suit? or even nice wonderful Jippa or whatever formal wear?

  8. Smile

    @htt….Yes agreed.The Chinese actor looks so dignified as if he is the hero.Surya,does he look like an actor in the first place?Karthi looks better than him.I think of all actors,Ajith,Vikram and Karthi have some dressing sense.At times Karthi spoils the show….

  9. ViVi

    Kollywood actors only cares about other industry. They don’t give a damn about tamil industry. Look at suriya he dressed like a guy who have no time to take a bath for Tamil audio launch but he dressed well for Telugu audio launch! why the biasness. Don’t the tamil movie fans deserve decently dressed actors?

  10. Karen

    Certain actors even wears slippers to events. They don’t even bother to tuck in their shirts. They behave like they don’t have enough money to buy a proper shoes and jeans. Dhanush and karthi are the worst dresses in my opinion.

  11. X-ex

    True. Except yellama song, other songs are not nice. Harris’s tunes are very repetitive. Same goes to mayakam enna songs, uninspiring tunes from G.V Prakash. As for harris’s red pants, I have only one question WHAT WAS HE THINKING? LOL

  12. kh

    tats true. so all those people who says vijay looks like a begger plz get a life. coz nw suriya also looks lyk a begger

  13. kh

    im nt tat sad to use two different names to write a comment u idiot. dun fink ur funny coz i arent laughing. yes im a vijay fan. do you hve a problem wit tat?

  14. htt

    ya true and look at Murugdass…such talented, intelligent director..wearing sneakers! hayo..spoiling his image.

  15. htt

    vj yum all the time jeans and t shirt or some checkered shirt like all the other men.
    What is the obsession with checkered shirt with these guys!

    yelamme oru kutai la oorna mathai !

  16. kh

    what is abusing in ur language? calling some1 potato. maybe ur tat vasin using a diff name. i dun get offended by a loser lyk vasin.

  17. Vasin Asin Pissin

    @ Kh u r right jim jack is vasin using a diff name. Smile sandakari like vera pannirka parunge. Smile sandakari ki vera velaya ella. Thoo . . . . etellam oru polappa. . … roadle sande podra nayye 

  18. Smile

    @Vasin Asin Pissin….Like pannadhu naan illai….Needhan managkettu poi en ID ya use panni comment kuduthu,adhukku neeye Vasin Asin Pissin nu vera ID le vandhu reply pannurey.Unakku dhan pozhappu illai….roadle naai sandai pottalum adhukku oru velai erukku.Aana endha velaiyum seiyama aaanu vaaya polandhukittu adhunga sandai podaradha paakura unna ellam ennanu solradhu??Nee roadle sandai podra naaya vida kevalama poite….Thutheri!

  19. Vasin Asin Pissin

    @smile yarri unnamadri nayye yoda id use panna, rather I would have used my own id to like it, dont predict wat ever comes to ur shitty brain. Naa roadla sanda podra naaya vida kevalam na nee yanna vida kevalam, na pannade vela ye solriye. Sandakari slumdog ne. Poi pulla kuttingalukku nalla buddi solli kude. Unne madri buddi irunda urupadave mataru. Saniyane.

  20. Karen

    @actor… Dude what you are saying doesn’t make sense at all. If we are from the village we would have said it is ok to wear slippers to functions not the other way around. Fool!

  21. Smile

    Oops…Enna thitradha nenaichu,you have called upon the Lord.(Saniyane=Lord Sanishwaran).
    Hmm…..eni avar pathuparu.Naan onnum solla thevaiyillai…

  22. htt

    Original Smile, Fake Smile, Vasin Asin Pissin :  For heaven sake cut off the notorious calling name craps and argue yr points decently .

  23. Smile patty

    Nee poi kavalai padamai tuungu Patty.. alaam malai irukuravan pathupan!!

    kelavi rowsu thanga mudiyalai da samy..

  24. Smile

    @Smile patty.En roussa a vida un lollu,kindal,nakkal,nayyandi,egathalam dhan jasthiney.Un velaiya mattum paru.Free advice kudukardhu naana neeya??Evanukko enakku sandai adhule née edhuku naduvule vandhu commit ayikire?Publicity venumna un sondha muyarchile thediko.Yenn commentsku reply panni thedikapakadhe alpe….

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