7aam Arivu Bodhi Dharman Stills and Poster

7aam arivu Buddhist monk Bodhidharma 2

Banner    :    Red Giant Movies
Cast    :    Suriya, Shruthi Haasan
Direction    :    A R Murugadoss
Production:    Udhayanidhi Stalin
Music    :    Harris Jayraj

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  1. Soola Karuppan

    bodhi dharman without his dharmas…why misuse this guy for commercial gains? may be just like ‘passion of christ’ by mel gibson ?

  2. Nayantara lover

    @Soola Karuppan…………do you know who really Bodhi Dharman was?….why accuse someone for what you haven’t even seen or believed….let the world be enlightened ….and I know you too will agree that only Suriya could do good to such a role….imagine any other actor..I’m not pointing out anyone…..you just cant fit it together without Suriya…..let us be proud of our culture and rather not hide it in the pages of ancient text books…let it reveal itself…open your minds….be the change

  3. guest

    bodhidharman moonjiya uththu partha surya facecut theriyumam. ARM than comedy panrana neeyuma?suriya va thavira yaaralum itha pannamudiyathu nu sonna athu than periya comedy..

  4. sasi nair

    I really proud to have been born and studied in Tamil Nadu.Arts reflect one’s culture. Culture is nothing but how our forefathers lived and how we can leverage good things for our life from it.Community without cultures and customs is barbarism.

    Tamil filmmakers have been doing much better job than their counterparts in India for the past 20 years. Tamil audience also has been wise and intelligent enough to accept quality content.

    The recent critically acclaimed films – MURAN, VAGAI SOODA VAA, ENGEYUM EPPOTHUM – are more examples that Tamil filmmakers are going to be the HOT PROPERTY in 21st century as IT JOBS used to be in 90s.

    All the best to all those creative brains who dod not copy scenes from FOREIGN FILMS.

  5. Nayantara lover

    @sasi agreed to everyything….but man comparing movie as hot property to IT jobs…..LOL come on….there are better things in life…….

  6. deepa

    get to know about bodhidharman is something phenomenal…all these time i dont know that there was a tamilian man called bodhidharman who was responsible for the existence of shaolin..getting to know about that through a tamil film is something extraordinary..this is how a cinemagotrphy should work..thanks fpr A.R.MURUGADOSS and SURYA for the excellent movie..


    Seventh Sense movie is Fentastic , Surya Acting  Performance is Very Excellance ,All TAMILAN’S are See the Movie Individually . Proude to be an TAMILAN

                                                                                                      Thanks To,

                                                                                                    A.R.MURUGADOSS & SURYA

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