Javi Martinez

Spanish midfielder Martinez hopes to soon play again

Javi Martinez
Javi Martinez

Munich, Sep 11 : Spanish player Javi Martinez has returned to training with Bayern Munich, after recovering from a knee injury that left him on the bench, and hopes to again play for his country.

In an interview published on Thursday in the Bavarian newspaper TZ, the Spaniard reaffirmed his passion for soccer – “it is everything to me” – adding that this passion has grown stronger during the time he was inactive, reports Efe.

After nearly nine months recovering from a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee, Martinez returned to the pitch in May and soon after got injured again.

He returned to training after 58 days, “even though I’m better, I still have to be cautious,” the player said.

Martinez talked about his supposed replacement in the Bavarian club and said he understands that the club might want to find a replacement after his long absence, but was reassured after Pep Guardiola said he would wait for him.

On the rumours about a possible return to Athletic Bilbao, he noted that he “has no knowledge” of any negotiations and that the only thing that matters is to show Bayern Munich he can return to his former fitness to play.

The player expressed his joy at a possible return to the Spanish national team for Euro 2016, but right now his biggest concern, he insisted, is recovering from the knee injury.


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