Yudham Sei Movie Review-Can Yudham Sei wage the war?

Yudham Sei Movie Review
Yudham Sei Movie Review

Yudham Sei Movie Review

Cast: Cheran, Dipa Shah, Yugendran, Y Gee Mahendra, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and others.
Director: Mysskin
Music: K
Cinematographer: Sathya
Producer: Kalpathi Agoram


This release was a quite awaited one as some of the big names in Kollywood have collaborated to send a chill down your spine with an edge of the seat thriller. Cheran, Ameer and Mysskin hope to cast a magical spell at the box office this time with Yudham Sei which is not an easy task at all considering the obvious choice of elements Tamil cinema is saturated with when it comes to such drama- thriller combo, well as expected this surely is a full hearted experiment with a lot of world cinema influences that are usual in a Mysskin movie as evident with his previous release.

The movie features Cheran, Dipa Shah, Neetu Chandra, Ameer.

Here is the crispy highlight for you kollyalkers,

J K (Cheran) portrays an honest CB-CID officer who sets into action in search of his sister Charu who goes missing suddenly. All he had on his mind was to retire from the job if it was not for his sister. Soon, his higher order sends him in a shocking assignment where he is required to simplify a case involving neatly packed body parts repeatedly found in the city, as random cardboard boxes are discovered all over the city, with severed hands in them.. Cheran during his chase comes across various people and places, and gradually gets hold of a close link to his sister, and yes you guessed it right he won’t get it so easily as there are many twists waiting for him although a bunch of intriguing ones that won’t bore you so easily.

Credit should be mentioned for painstakingly re-creating the police procedures .Simply put there has been an excellent eye for detail and the cast of characters are true to form.   The first half is surely the one that will leave you asking for more; you will be hopeful for a great crescendo at the end waiting in anticipation.

JK accepts the case unwillingly, accompanied by his trusted associates Prakash (Yugendran) and Tamizh(Dipa Shah)who join him to investigate the case.

The golden question stays whose behind these serial crimes?As for tha we have one advice. Watch the movie folks!

Cast Review:

Cheran has a great role to play in this one. Undoubtedly he delivered an excellent performance playing detective. The emotions brought out during the investigation have been excellento! We really wanted to have a close look at his sentimental sensibilities and luckily during one instance he is seen crying, nevertheless, he manages to pull it off in style.

Jayaprakash gives him good support, playing almost a cameo of sorts. He plays an effective pathologist. His body language has been way too casual though.

Dipa Shah has done justice to her limited role.

We were all in awe for the role by Lakshmi Ramakrishna who has gone one step further in really living it up at the cost of shaving her head, she has done it with full grace though.

Neetu Chandra and Ameer pretend to have a great time as in the case of item numbers.

Positive Points:

Yudham Sei has a cool set of convincing characters that really keep it real till the end of the movie.

A huge applause for the camera work and music are a massive asset for the movie.

Talk about the Cinematography by Sathya who captures the darker side of the case throughout you really have to observe those little camera jigs he has contributed.

Then there is a spell bounding background score not to forget the so minimalist approach to use silence with such splendor.

The movie’s scores more brownie points for its linear narration and screen play staying away from usual gimmicks such as the comical fillers and romantic spoilers.

Negative Points:

The plot is really close to spoilt and disastrous as the second half closes in, we know what is next, and you will guess it too.

Oh and would somebody tell Mysskin to stop roping in more item numbers for the sake of it. Neetu Chandra and her kuthu number were pointless looking back at the movie.


Yudham Sei has not lived up to expectations though with Myskkin on board, we wanted a bit more didn’t we? To be honest it really is a one time watch.

We will have to really watch out it may declare war at the box office.



  1. jai

    Super Movie. This type of movie is interested in people.

    Very good work. All peoples are working very nice.

    GOOD Movie. 😎

  2. Prabhu Dorairaj

    I don’t know what is wrong with you tamil movie folks. I am a tamilian, but the MOVIE JUST SUCKS!!!!! So much unrealistic dramatization. OMG Peep show…. PLS Myskin never repeat this. Cheran acted good and the rest of the cast acted good. But the story and direction just sucked. Especially the scene where that girl gets hanged. omg… THE MOVIE IS SICKENING! DEFINITELY an A movie and the movie seriously has to be sent to the Censor Board again.

  3. Prabhu Dorairaj

    Oh sorry I didn’t finish. You guys won’t like movies like Paiya, Aadukalam, Polladhavan, Vettaikaran because you guys say “it’s sickening” when you guys praise the most sickening moviies that nobody can watch like this movie Yudham Sei and Naan Mahaan Alla. Please, tamil folks, realize what is good and bad and get rid of your bias.  

  4. Vasin

    Disappointing to say the least; I watched it yesterday. It is a movie of gloom, overstuffed, poorly narrated…overall badly put up. Dei! Ennda padam pannareenga?

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