Yeidhavan Movie Review

Yeidhavan Movie Review

Yeidhavan Movie Review
Yeidhavan Movie Review

Cast: Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus, Vela Ramamoorthy, Aadukalam Naren, Rajkumar, Gautham and others
Music: Paartav Barggo
Banner: Friends Festival Films
Production: S. Sudhakaran
Direction: Sakthi Rajasekaran

Sakthi Rajasekaran’s Yeidhavan is a crime thriller revolving around the corrupt side of educational institutions.


Krishna (Kalaiyarasan), a middle-class youngster, runs a small business. He is drawn into the criminal world after his family is devastated by a shocking corrupt practice indulged in by a medical college.

The educational institution in question has a strong and well-knit network and many people fall prey to its evil designs of usurping money. Knowing all these, Krishna decides to take them on based on a two-pronged strategy. On one hand, he takes part and encourages protests of affected students while on the other hand, he directly fights with the goons who are involved in the shady business.

With lots of complication and sub-plots, the story moves to the climax where the protagonist takes on the baddie and settles the issue forever.

Script analysis:

Without an iota of doubt, it ought to be admitted that director Sakthi Rajasekaran has taken up a sensitive and socially relevant issue, backed up by solid homework, to handle the issue effectively. The movie has the potential to create awareness on capitation fee collected by educational institutions. The director has presented the capitation fee issue via an edge-of-the-seat thriller with lots of characters and sub-plots. The way the suspense is revealed towards the end is interesting and laudable. The tempo is maintained throughout the movie with some unexpected twists. The intermission point is quite captivating indeed.

The script, however, goes wayward after a specific point. The protagonist’s way of thinking and planning hardly supports his characterization. Students’ protest is credible but Krishna’s activities like a seasoned criminal are less than convincing. Some sequences including the climax could have been crispier.

However, the director has managed to make the narrative appealing, thanks mainly to the variety of characters and twists.


Kalaiyarasan renders a rock-solid performance though his body language is found wanting in action sequences. Pichchaikkaran fame Satna Titus, the newly-wed heroine, is wasted in an insignificant role and so is the talented actor Vela Ramamoorthy.

Debutant Gowtham as the antagonist brings the attitude of the ruthless rich rather well on screen and appears to have it in him to go places in Kollywood in the days to come. Aadukalam Naren is quite impressive in the scene where he gets into a deep crisis.

Debutant music director Paartav Baargo’s work leaves much to be desired. Premkumar’s cinematography is good. Editor I.J. Allen could have made a few scenes crispier through some sleek, imaginative editing.

Positive points:

Story (plot)
Thriller-like presentation
Acting by Gowtham
Gowtham and Naren

Negative points:

Too many sub-plots
Unconvincing script deviation in the second-half
Long sequences

Verdict: ‘Yeidhavan’ is an interesting action-packed thriller dealing with a corrupt network involving the higher education scenario. The movie could have been made better with a more convincing post-intermission phase.

Yeidhavan: Hits the target well!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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