Vithagan Movie Review

Vithagan Movie Review

Vithagan Movie Review
Vithagan Movie Review

Vithagan Movie Review

Cast: Parthiban, Poorna, Milind Soman and Rocky Parthiban
Written an directed by: Parthiban
Production: Manickam Narayanan
Music: Joshua Sridhar

After a brief sojourn Parthiban returns to do a bravado act. This time he not just enacts the lead role but also written and directed a film that speaks on the valour of men in khakhi. A mass theme which we had seen time and again. It is about a battle between the good and the evil.

Story Line

Parthiban begins the movie in his typical throwing twists and turns at regular intervals. What begins as a different fare in the first half, settles down to a routine cinema towards the end.
The film deals with the life of a cop and many dons and baddies who traverse his path and the events that happen when cupid strikes him.
Rowthiran (Parthiban) is an upright Assistant Comissioner of Police. His brave acts to bump off criminals hogs headlines in newspapers. He incurs the wrath of his corrupt senior police officers.
Enters Mary (Poorna), a young girl who works in a call centre. She initially mistakes him for his acts but understands his mission and falls for him and his courage.
Meanwhile Rowthiran’s mysterious past is revealed in a flashback. Sequence of events puts him behind the bars. Now the cop turns a criminal. It is from here this brainy Rowthiran plans a different tactic to settle score with gangster (Milind Soman).

Script Analysis

Parthibgan begins the movie well. The suspance element is maintained well. It creates some interest in the mind of the viewers. But the film fails to sustain the momentum as the script goes into predictable mode after a point. The build up goes waste and the movie becomes less interesting.
More than the director and actor, it’s the dialogue writer in Parthiban who manages to hog al limelight. The razor-sharp dialogues add solidity to the script. Shown a brainy cop in the first half, he indulges in mindless killings and mad chase in the second half.

Cast and crew Review

As Rowthiran, Parthiban pours anger in his eyes well. His body language and dialogue delivery shows his experience.
Poorna is not far behind. She has a lesser role to play but she carries herself well.
Milind Soman is the attraction. With Goutham Menon’s dubbing comes to his rescue, he pours out his emotions well.
Kadhal fame Joshua Sridhar has scored music and a couple of songs are hummable. The title song featuring Parthiban’s son Rocky Parthiban is interesting.

Plus Points

Parthibhan’s dialogues, smart beginning, Milind Soman

Negative Points

Predictable second half, mindless killings.


On the whole, Vithagan is a promising fare that sustains all interest in the beginning and loses steam to end a cliched ride in the latter part.

Vithagan, a cop story without any difference



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