Viruthagiri Movie Review

Viruthagiri Movie Review
Viruthagiri Movie Review

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Banner: Captain Cine Creations

Production: L.K. Sudeesh

Direction: Vijayakanth

Star-casts: Vijayakanth, Madhuri Idaki, Meenakshi Dikshit, Shankar, Arun Pandian, Mansoor Ali Khan, Peeli Sivam, Kalai Rani, Uma Padmanabhan, Shanmugarajan and Others

Music: Sundar C Babu

Here comes Vijayakanth the man with promises to his people. Through this movie he surely has made an indirect effort to communicate to his fans that he would focus on specific issues which are ignored and has gradually highlighted through the movie that he can change this world if supported by a good majority of votes.

It is quite evident from the very beginning that it is going to be a flick stuffed with dialogues and with political messages. As a matter of fact the dialogues are direct and his close followers will surely connect with the subject.

Moreover, the supporting artists have not hesitated in even going one step further and ridiculing the family members of their opposition party.

Vijayakanth is a smart brain as he has cleverly incorporated his party’s logo effectively throughout his performance only making the gist of the storyline more obvious.


The film is an out and out story on Viruthagiri (Vijayakanth), who plays a reputed police officer. Through his first assignment he nabs down a terrorist in a foreign country, thereafter he comes back to Chennai and then the script starts taking its shape as initially issues on the recent attacks on Indian students by Australians and later on issues faced by transgenders have been addressed. We liked the choice of subjects although they are great choices for a commercial pot boiler.

Eventually, so as to seek revenge upon Viruthagiri, his nephew Priya (Madhuri Idaki) is kidnapped during her study trip in Australia.

Vijayakanth for some reason wants to highlight that the foreigners are jealous of Indian students. He definitely has attempted brainwashing the younger generation through his effort.

Towards the end its Vijayakanth’s victory as expected.

Cast Review:

Well, one look at Vijayakanth and you know he has not yet cut down on his lavish eating habits.

Vijayakanth maintains a low profile throughout the movie and he does not have a lead pair to romance so in a way that is a relief, bad luck for those who were looking ahead for great romantic scenes in the movie.

Madhuri Idaki is just another pretty girl and there is nothing significant to mention about her performance.

Arun Pandian has put in an average effort and Mansoor Ali Khan brings a bit of comic relief to the movie.

Positive Points:

On the technical front,

Cinematography by Boopathy is noteworthy, nothing extraordinary though.

Saveen has excelled with his finest shots and makes the screenplay look much tighter.

The stunts have been well performed.

In the first half of the movie the screenplay has been manipulated in a good way with interesting mentions of current topics.

Dialogues are a strength considering Vijaykanth’s fans who would not be content for anything less than such political outbursts.

Negative Points:

Sundar C Babu’s musical score is average.

Plot lacks the creative punch and a lot is influenced from the Hollywood movie ‘Taken’.

The second hour is a drag with lots of runs and chases.

Self appraisal seems to be the only concern of the movie, a serious hurdle if he wanted the movie to reach out to those few who will be newly casting their votes. It could be a little more generalized to appeal to a wider viewership.

A totally predictable ending. We knew from the very beginning that it would all end with Vijaykanth being proclaimed as the hero in the end.

It has been released much ahead of the elections; we just hope those who watch this will remember what the Captain can do for them prior to casting their votes.


Captain Vijayakanth followers can’t miss this one for sure ‘Viruthagiri’ is a movie tailored for them, no doubt at all. One time watch for those who really plan to promote their political party through movies as a medium.



  1. Randy

    “Well, one look at Vijayakanth and you know he has not yet cut down on his lavish eating habits.”

    LOL…Couldn’t control laughing

  2. Mr.X

     குற்றவாளி :  யோவ் கேப்டன்  !! ஏன்யா உனக்கு இந்த தேவை இல்லாதா வேலை !! ஜட்ஜ் :  இப்படியெல்லாம் கத்தக்குடாதுப்ப !! குற்றவாளி :   கடுப்பேத்துறார் மை லார்ட் !! 

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