VIP 2 Movie Review

VIP 2 Movie Review
VIP 2 Movie Review

Produced by: V Creations

Screenplay & Driection: Soundarya Rajinikanth

Cast: Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul. Samuthirakani, Vivekh

Music: Sean Roldan

Cinematography: Sameer Thahir

Story & Dialogues: Dhanush


Raghuvaran who was a Velai Illa Pattadhari (unemployed graduate) for the most part of the first part is a successful engineer at the start of the sequel. It has been a year since he married his lover Shalini (Amala Paul). Being the only lady at home, she takes care of the Raghuvaran family that includes his father(Samuthirakani) and younger brother and tries to keep them under her control.

Raghuvaran wins the Best Engineer award of the year. Vasundhara Parameshwaran (Kajol) the founder of Vasundhara Constructions, South India’s number one construction company, wants to hire him but Raghuavaran refuses the offer. His dream is to start his own construction company with his VIP Engineer friends and until then he prefers to stay with the company that gave him a life and a career.

Vasundhara Constructions and Anitha Constructions (where Raghuvaran works) are the top contenders to sign a contract for Rs.600 crores worth project to construct a multi-specialty hospital. Raghuvaran clinches the deal for his company by impressing the owner of the land with his attitude. This kindles Vasundhara’s ego and she decides to make Raghuvaran fall under her feet and beg for a job. She manages to snatch the hospital project using her political influence. She also gives so many troubles to Anitha Constructions to indirectly force them to sack Raghuvaran.

Raghuvaran resigns the job and becomes jobless (Velai Illa Pattadhari) again. He starts working on his ultimate dream with a large group of VIP Engineers. He does manage to start the company with the help of his friend but finds it difficult to survive against the hurdles created by all powerful Vasundhara.

How he manages to achieve his dream and tackles Vasundhara form the rest of the film.

Script Analysis

Earlier this year, Dhanush made his debut as a screen writer-director with ‘Pa.Paandi’ and the film turned out to be a critically acclaimed hit. This is his second film as a story writer and here his story lacks any uniqueness or the requisite punch. The story moves on predictable lines with mostly clich├ęd and oft repeated elements of humour and family sentiment. There is a desperate addition of a new villain in the second half to drag the story and this comes under the pretext of adding a social angle and using topical elements such as Jallikattu protest and the social media revolution.

The screenplay of Soundarya also lacks any surprises element and the incidents and turns are not organic as they were in the first part. The scenes between Dhanush and Kajol carry the mass power required to satisfy the fans of Dhanush and also the general movie buffs who like to watch mass films. The familial scenes are not bad but they could have been much more entertaining. Many such scenes pretend to be comical but they aren’t. The scenes of Engineers joining and staying along with Raghuvaran are too filmsy in this sequel while they are the biggest plus in the first part.

But as a director Soundarya has done a pretty good job. Her attention to details in visuals, set designs and lip sync of the artists and extracting performances make her work noteworthy in this film.

Having said that, the film passes muster as a time pass entertainer as there is no boring or dull moment in the film. Dhanush’s dialogues and his performance along with Kajol’s characterization and performance keeps the film engaged.

Here comes the bigger problem of the film. The characters of Vasundhara and Shalini should have been written by a mind deep rooted in misogyny. It is clear that Dhanush wants to make a film on the lines of his father-in-law’s ‘Mannan’ and ‘Mappillai and also many other films of many mass stars of Kollywood. That seems to have resulted in the character Vasundhara who is shown as a self-made woman entrepreneur who arrogant to the core as per the unwritten rule book of Tamil cinema. She is tamed by Raghuvaran in a rather softer way but it is true that throughout the film Raghuavaran either defeats, teases or gives some advice to Vasundhara.

Shalini character is also the one written to make some fun with the trope of married men are toiling due to the over-demanding and dominating behaviour of wives. These scenes are targeted at the average male audience and it is evident in the claps and whistles that these scenes evoke from men in the theatres.

Dhanush would do good to the movie going public, with realistic and humane stories like the one he wrote for ‘Pa Paandi’ than the misogynist playing to the gallery stories like this.


Dhanush impresses again as Raghuvaran. His screen presence, body language and dialogue delivery in the mass as well as emotional scenes is one of the film’s biggest plusses. Kajol has done a splendid job with her performance and her looks, body language and minute gestures bring the necessary aura required for the character. Amala Paul looks beautiful and does justice for her casting. The same goes to Samuthirakani. Vivekh manages to raise some laughter in both the halves.

Sean Roldan’s BGM is apt for most scenes but it obviously lacks the magic of Anirudh’s in the first part. The songs are just okay. Sami Thaheer’s cinematography is eye-catchy while Prasanna GK’ Editing is flawless.

Plus Points

Dhanush & Kajol performance
Mass scenes

Minus Points
Weak story
Lack of interesting elements in the screenplay
Misogynistic portrayal of female characters

As far as entertainment is concerned, ‘VIP 2’ comes nowhere close to ‘VIP’ but if seen as a standalone film it can be given a pass mark as a time pass entertainer.

VIP 2: Manages to entertain
Rating: 2.5 stars


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