Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Movie review- A Must watch for Romantic lovers,

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Movie review online

‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya’ is a popular lyric from the ‘Vennilave Vennilave’ song from ‘Minsara Kanavu’ and here is a movie which makes the lyric even more popular.

Starring: : Silambarasan, Trisha.
Direction: Gautham Menon
Music: AR Rahman
Production: Escape Artists Motion Pictures And R.S. Infotainment

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya is all about falling in love, the emotions, confusions and the innumerable rollercoaster sensations associated with it. Karthik (Silambarasan), a mechanical engineer is an aspiring film director. It is love at first sight for this young man with his landlord’s daughter Jessy (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian and a computer professional. Karthik expresses his love to her in a quite unexpected manner but she does not accept it citing practical reasons. Notwithstanding her absence even for a short while, Karthik, in her pursuit, reaches Kerala along with his cinematographer friend Ganesh.
He finds Jessy in the pretext of apologizing to her for his behavior but earns her friendship. The ensuing train trip to Chennai from Allapuzha paves way for a deeper bond between the two. Meanwhile Karthik rubs Jessy’s brother on the wrong side which creates a wedge between the two families and Karthik’s family is made to vacate the premises. This triggers the hasty fixing of marriage for Jessy in Kerala. Needless to say, Karthik reaches there and what happens thereafter form the crux of Vinnai Thaandi Varuavaayaa. The answers to questions like whether Karthik and Jessy unite in marriage or go their individual ways are narrated with a trademark Gautham Menon’s style.

Simbu And Trsiha
Silambarasan wooing Trisha, their second pairing after ‘Alai’, is not at all impractical and you can relate their characters to real life. Their chemistry is enticing and they actually appear a cute pair. Silambarasan’s attitude in the movie is straight forward while Trisha is homely and conservative.

undoubtedly, A R Rahman. Man! Isn’t he a creative genius! His 1st movie after the Oscar phenomenon. His music is one of the main reasons to the much acclaimed hype. The re-recording and the background score are really amazing. If you’ve listened to his songs in your personal stereo, then its only half of the magic you have experienced.

Editor Antony has done a decent job but could have advised his Captain to chop off a few reels. Some of the audience thought the movie got over and they got off their seats when a song was being played! but the movie continued for 10 more minutes after that.

The picturisation of the songs is simply remarkable and they complete the magic. God knows how Goutham gets his ideas and the eye of Manoj Paramahamsa who’s done ‘Eeram’ before, not just his eye that thought of those exotic locations but his ‘lens eye’ as well that caught all those beautiful locales. Watch those videos even with half opened eyes and you’ll realize he hasn’t used a camera but a paint brush with the palette of colours from Mother Nature. The colour tones in the movie have been brought out quite amazingly. The songs especially, ‘Hosana’ and ‘Omanna Penne’ shot at Malta, are worth the watch at the cinemas. Songs get major attention in the movie and the other technician we are going to talk about is Rajeevan and his art-work in the sets of a few songs is fascinating. The D.O.P (director of photography) Manoj has used minimal artificial lighting in the movie, showing his signature style.

The first half till the interval will grab your attention as it has been nicely written and well taken. Some cute scenes between Silambarasan and Trisha look really candid and the camera man has managed to capture that cheeky chemistry between the two.

An all new Silambarasan, with a complete make over steals the show. An amazing performance from the young super star! His dialogue delivery, body language, voice modulations, dance movements are all right in place and VTV is a definite milestone for him. He has lived the character of Karthik in every cell.

The dialogues make you giggle at times, and sometimes they make you feel- how one can be so romantic. Especially the one between Silambarasan and Ganesh are highly enjoyable and natural and that between him and Trisha receive loud applause from the audience. A sample is Silambarasan’s retort to Trisha when she wonders about his trip to Kerala- “When people go all out to America to woo their girl, I have after all come to Kerala.”

Rahman’s Music, a definite plus

The screenplay in the first half is slow but the screenplay in the second half is slower, The scene between Trisha and Silambarasan in USA is one such example

Director Goutham has tried something ‘different’ but the audience is perplexed at the end. You wouldn’t know how to react after the climax. Weird! If you’ve been following all his movies and know his style of film making, then you would appreciate his work. There were rumours about two climaxes to the movie. The version the audience saw on the first day is not really lively.

English and Malayalam languages figure as much as Tamil in the conversation, would not go good with B and C centers,

Over all : A must Watch for a romantic story lovers,but for people who expect a breezy love story Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya is not your cup of plate

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