Vettai Review

Vettai Movie Review – Hunting sans excitement

Vettai Review

Vettai Movie Review

Cast: Arya, Madhavan, Sameera Reddy, Amala Paul, Ashutosh Rana, Nasser and Thambi Ramaiah
Direction: Lingusamy
Production: Thirupathi Brothers and UTV Motion Picture
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Editing: Anthony Gonsalves

Lingusamy, who had given a massive hit in 2010 with his Paiya, is back with another mass masala film. The star studded movie has all the ingredients to be a mass entertainer. Has the director succeeded in presenting them in a pleasing manner? Let us see.

Story Line

The movie stars with a clichéd portrayal of two kids who are brothers. Elder one is coward and the younger one is brave. The younger brother saves the elder one in every crisis. They continue to be the same even after growing up.

Thirumurthy (Madhavan) gets police job on compassionate ground. As coward and shy person he refuses to accept the job after the sudden demise of his father who was a police. Gurumurthy (Arya) encourages him to take up the job.

Thiru gets caught between two warring groups who indulge in all kinds of illegal activities. Since two groups are very powerful Thiru is frightened. Guru tells him not to worry. He has a plan. He enacts the role of his brother without revealing his identity. The goons are punished. They are shattered. Their illegal businesses get disturbed. Everyone praises the police officer without knowing the real reason behind it.

The story takes a nasty turn when villain group finds the real nature of the ‘brave’ police officer. They attack them brutally and make him feel for everything. But his younger brother uses this opportunity to make his brother a brave man. Thiru follows Guru’s path and together they start the hunt.

Meanwhile Thiru gets married to Sameera Reddywhile her sister falls for Arya.

Script Analysis

One person acting on behalf of another person without revealing his identity is an interesting idea and Lingusamy has handled it well. The characterizations of Maddy and Arya are fine. The action sequences have been executed well. The romantic dimension has come out well. Arya – Amala chemistry is perfect. Sameera’s character provides some lively moments with her harmless outbursts.

The problem with the movie is that the sequences are easily guessable. The director takes too much time to get into the story. The intro songs for the heroes and heroines in are horrible to say the least. The portrayal of villains is pretty ordinary. The movie gathers momentum after Madhavan turns a brave man but soon it goes back to the predictable action route.

Lingusamy has got everything to entertain the masses. He has romance, action, glamour, and some suspense too. But he has failed to pack them in a gripping manner. The song sequences, the picturisation of songs, the portrayal of the villains and the predictable proceedings mar the impact.

Cast and Crew Analysis

Madhavan looks like a poor shadow of his own with his extra weight. He is a fine performer and hence he could have portrayed the character well. But somehow his appeal is missing.

Arya has rendered a powerful performance. Apart from action, he shines in emotional scenes as well. He is lovable in romantic sequences, particularly when he goes outing with Amala.

Sameera Reddy acts well but she looks old. Some of the close up shots exposes her weakness in terms of pleasing appearance. The charm of Varanam Aayiram is seen nowhere in the movie though she has been given a bubbly and lively girl’s role.

Amala Paul looks cute and enacts her role well. She scores well in romantic expressions.

Ashutosh Rana as the main villain is effective. Thambi Ramaiah has done his part well. Nassar in a cameo is impressive.

Nirav Shah’s camera work is fabulous but it hasn’t do justice to Sameera Reddy. Anthony’s editing is , as usual, top notch.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has provided some peppy tunes but he seems to have lost his magical touch in this movie.

Positive Points

Arya, Amala, and cinematography.

Negative Points

Predictable script, song sequences and poor portrayal of villains.


Vettai has all the ingredients to entertain but it suffers from the poor packaging.

Vettai: Hunting sans excitement.


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