Veppam Movie Review – Chic but doesnt click

Veppam Movie Review

Veppam Movie Review

Cast: Nani, Karthik Kumar, Muthukumar, Nithya Menon, Bindu Madhavi
Direction: Anjana Ali Khan
Production: Gautham Menon, Madhan, Kumar, Jayaraman, Venkat
Banner: Photon Kathaas and RS Infotainment
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Editing: Anthony

Debutant director Anjana’s movie is yet another take on the lives of the darker world of our society. It starts off with a gloomy scene in a poverty ridden house and ends up with a revenge fulfilled. In between you get to see a couple of romantic and bloody encounters between the main characters.

Story Line

The film opens with young Revathy (Nithya Menon) walking into the sea and getting drowned. Is she attempting suicide? Well. The answer requires a full length movie that debutant director Anjana wants you to see.

The flash back shows two young boys, their ailing mother, and irresponsible father Jyothi (Shimmor). The mother, who doesn’t want to burden their children with her ailment, kills herself and the father leaves the house without any botheration.

A neighbor gives them shelter. His daughter Revathy is so attached with the boys. The elder brother Balaji (Muthukumar) starts working to make his younger brother Karthik (Nani) study. Vishnu (Karthik Kumar) is Karthik’s best friend. Later, Karthik and Revathy become lovers.

Jyothi has now become a broker who supplies call girls to many rich customers. Vishnu meets Viji (Bindhu Madhavi), a sex worker under Jyothi’s custody, and falls for her despite knowing her background.

Then there is a typical female don Ammaji (Jennifer) who heads a powerful emperor full of illegal activities.

Vishnu and Karthik get into trouble when they want to make big money by helping Jyothi in drug business. Vishnu gets killed in the power game between the greedy players. The Karthik is being accused of killing his friend.

Balaji is worried about his brother and he comes to his rescue. The rest of the story deals with how the brothers manage to escape the wrath of underworld dons and take revenge against their scandalous father.

Script Analysis

The script could have been faster. The first half doesn’t move forward. It is rather confusing. The director keeps on introducing the characters and their backgrounds.

The story takes too much of screen space to show the intimacy between Karthik, Revathy, and Vishnu takes much of the time. The main conflict (the sons trying to stay away from the irresponsible and value-less father but unable to do so due to circumstances) gets shaped only after a long time.

The sabotage by Jyothi against Ammaji adds interest but the way it is revealed to the concerned persons looks naive. The reason for Vishnu opting to get into drug business is not told convincingly.

There is a lot of build-up about Ammaji’s ‘emperor’ but it is getting busted by two persons all of a sudden, making mockery of such a build-up. The friction and the patch-up between the brothers fail to make any impact.

Cast Review

Nani and Bindhu Madhavi have done their respective part with conviction.

Bindhu looks hot in some scenes and emotes well when required.

Karthik Kumar gets a new role and does justification to that.

Nithya Menon is adequate.

Director Anjana, who had earlier worked in ad films and with Gautam Vasudev Menon as associate director, has made the film look chic. The style of narration resembles her mentor but the way she has portrayed the lives of the characters look different. She opts for more realistic ways in conceiving the developments and turning points in the script. The characters look real. She has extracted good performances from the main actors. She is able to keep the secret about the drug packet intact till the end.

Though Anjana has done her homework in understanding the underworld but her portrayal of their lives is looks stereotype in many places. The poverty ridden house and the behavior of the husband are some examples to this stereotype.

Music by Joshua Sridhar is good with a couple of songs being quite impressive. The background score sounds like a character and adds liveliness to the narrative.

Om Prakash’s camera work is brilliant. The colors reflect the mood of the film. The songs have been picturised well.

Positive Points

Acting, stylish making, music, and cinematography.

Negative Points

Slow paced and confused first half and the dullness in the clash between various players.


Veppam has stylish looks. The narrative is smart in parts. But it lacks the punch to engage the viewers.

Veppam: Chic but doesn’t click


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