Venghai Movie Review


Cast: Dhanush, Tamannah, Raj Kiran, Prakash Raj, Ganja Karuppu
Production: Vijaya Productions
Direction: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Vetri
Editing: V. T. Vijayan

Venghai had everyone in the industry as well as the fans wondering whether the successful pair – Dhanush and Tamannah – could ignite the silver screen once again after their super hit Padikathavan, but sadly the movie is disappointing and stale.

The movie has nothing new to offer and has all the aspects that one can expect of director Hari. It has shades of Hari’s earlier ventures all hashed up.

Story Line

The movie revolves around three main protagonists Dhanush, his dad Raj Kiran and Prakash Raj. Set in a village background, the story is as old as the seas. Veera Pandi (Raj Kiran) is the landlord, who is respected by the people in Pandipuram village in Siva Ganga district. His son Selvam (Dhanush) is an affectionate, understanding and angry young man, who goes his father’s way. Of course, there’s a romance in the form of Radhika (Tamannah).

Rajalingam (Prakash Raj) becomes the local MLA, thanks to Veera Pandi’s support. But he starts to reveal his true colours incurring Veera Pandi’s wrath. Trouble erupts between them.

Greedy Rajalingam decides to take the extreme step – bump off Veera Pandi. Selvam steps in and it’s now a cat and mouse game between Selvam and Rajalingam.

Cast Review

As usual Dhanush has given his best, but there is not enough fodder to satiate his acting prowess.

Tamannah appears in Paavadai Dhavani costumes even in song sequences and comes across as a very somber and matured girl. She could have utilized the chance well.

For Prakash Raj who has done such innumerable roles in his career, his character portrayal in Venghai is just a cakewalk. But he is a regular in such roles.

Raj Kiran as the man who commands respect in the village sails through his role.

Ganja Karuppu‘s comedy fails to evoke laughter. He gives the audience arduous times and his high decibeled voice certainly annoys.

Orvashi and Sudha Chandran deliver a neat performance.

Devi Sri Prasad’s music is mediocre as they fail to create any impact.

Positive Points

Dhanush’s acting – He gets under the skin of the character and excels well.

Love in Venghai has been handled well by Hari and the manner in which Dhanush falls in love with Tamannah and their subsequent interactions and the emotions that they go through are very natural and realistic and nowhere do they go overboard.

Negative Points

Predictable Sequences – The screen play and the narration travel on an expected course making the fare an unexciting one.

The lengthiness of the film and the logorrhea of the characters are a few factors that work against Venghai.

Ganja Karuppu’s Comedy – He annoys for the most parts with his accent and logorrhoea.


Although Hari’s films follow a standard template which the movie going audience is well aware of, there would always be interesting knots in the narration that keep the viewer’s interest alive, but in Venghai, these features are very few and the predictability factor takes the pizzaz out from the happenings on screen.

Overall a usual predictable movie added with all the masala that might attract people who seek action entertainers set in villages.

Venghai – A masala sale!



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